5 Wild Reasons You Should Date A Crazy Girl ASAP

Flickr / daniel sandoval
Flickr / daniel sandoval

1. You’ll never be bored.

When you date a girl who’s loud and crazy, there is never a dull moment. A crazy girl will keep you on your toes, and constantly entertain you with her vivacious personality and loud, overdramatic recount of her day, which will make even her story about having to borrow a pen in her econ lecture sound like some big production.

2. They’re down to try new things.

Us crazy girls are generally on the adventurous side, so there is no doubt that if you date a crazy girl, you guys will be trying new foods, new restaurants, new bars, new sex positions, etc., on a daily basis. A crazy girl will open up your eyes to all kinds of new experiences, and may even teach you new things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Dating a crazy girl will definitely add some spice to your life.

3. They know how to have a good time.

Do you know those couples who start dating and then never go out and have a social life anymore? Well if you date a crazy girl, this will never be an issue. A crazy girl will not only be down for going out to the new club that just opened up down the street, but she will be the life of the party. Because crazy girls are so loud, outgoing, and energetic, every night out with her will be a guaranteed fun time. She will always bring the party with you guys, wherever you go.

4. The sex is HOT.

When a girl is crazy in general, there is no doubt that her loud, passionate personality is going to transfer over into your sex life. Because crazy girls are adventurous, and vibrant in how they act, this will make the sex extremely varied and exciting. There’s no doubt that with your crazy girl, you will constantly be trying out new positions, new sex acts, and maybe even having sex in many different (sometimes public), places. A crazy girl will definitely give you some of the hottest sex of your life.

5. They’ll tell you how they really feel.

Because crazy girls are so loud, outgoing and open with their feelings, you’ll never have to guess what they’re thinking. A big issue that couples often face in relationships is a lack of communication, but with a crazy girl, she will have no problem telling you exactly how she feels, so you won’t have to waste any time wondering what’s bothering her, or if she likes what you’re doing during sex, because she will tell you (loudly). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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