5 Steamy Reasons You Should Most Definitely Be Sexting

Flickr / Jhaymesisviphotography
Flickr / Jhaymesisviphotography

Living in a time where people are constantly on their phones can have its downsides, but this is definitely not one of them. Here are a few reasons why everyone should be hopping on the sexting train.

1. It’s great foreplay.

When you’re involved in any kind of sexual relationship with someone, foreplay is important because it’s a starting point to get both you and your partner excited, and ready for the next sexual act (whatever that may be). Sexting is an easy way (especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship, or going long periods of time without physically seeing your partner) to get that arousal and excitement started with just the click of your “send” button. The anticipation of writing out and reading what you and your partner want to/will do to one another once you’re together is such a turn on that by the time you’re actually in the same room you’ll literally be ripping each other’s clothes off.

2. It fosters communication about your desires.

In my own experience and in the experiences of my friends, I’ve found that often times, what can make sex bad is a lack of communication, or not feeling comfortable enough to tell your partner what you want (or don’t want) during sex. Sexting is a perfect opportunity to be vocal and honest about your sexual desires, without the pressure of being face-to-face with your partner (or mid-sex) when you do it. Sexting beforehand will ensure that you and your partner know exactly what the other one wants sexually, so that once you’re physically together, you won’t waste any time worrying that what you’re doing isn’t pleasurable for both of you.

3. It’s easy.

Although a lot of people will argue that this age of technology we’re in is making us constantly stuck in our phones and disconnected from one another, it also makes communicating with one another extremely easy. Especially for those who are in long-distance relationships, sexting makes maintaining the sexual connection with your partner that much easier. Any time you have a spare moment, (when you’re walking to class, on your lunch break, laying in your bed, etc.) you can literally send a sext to your partner in under a minute. With texting being as prevalent in our society as it is, we might as well take advantage of it and have ourselves some quick and easy dirty talk!

4. It’s safer than actual sex.

Whenever you have sex (any kind of sex), it comes with unavoidable risks such as sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. When you sext, you can get down and dirty without worrying that either of these might be potential consequences. Similar to phone and Skype sex, what makes sexting so great is the fact that you can have an orgasm (or five), without even the slightest concern that you might contract an STD, or become pregnant, which are a big part of what can make sex so complicated. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

5. It’s just plain FUN!

Unless you are someone who legitimately doesn’t enjoy dirty talk, there is no way that sexting will bring you anything but pure pleasure and enjoyment. The rush of having a filthy convo with your partner while sitting in your stat lecture is so exciting and can make just another dull Monday, extremely exhilarating. Some of the best sexts I’ve ever sent and received were while I was sitting in a boring class, or taking a study break in the library. Sexts are a safe and easy way to get pleasure even while doing your most mundane activities, so go ahead and hit send! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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