25 Things To Do Instead Of Stressing About Being Single

Flickr / Gearoid Hayes
Flickr / Gearoid Hayes

1. Go on a shopping spree.

2. Dance around your room…naked.

3. Go out to eat with friends.

4. Get a massage.

5. Read a good book.

6. Masturbate.

7. Get a manicure.

8. Bake something yummy.

9. Binge-watch shows on Netflix.

10. Go for a run.

11. Call your mom.

12. Watch your favorite movie.

13. Play with a puppy.

14. Learn a new language.

15. Watch videos of baby animals on YouTube.

16. Go on an impromptu road trip.

17. Get drunk and sing karaoke at a bar.

18. Watch porn.

19. Plan and host a themed party.

20. Take a candle-lit bubble bath.

21. Play a board game.

22. Do a facemask.

23. Take a nap.

24. Go on a hike.

25. Snuggle under your comfiest blanket. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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