4 Social Thriller Topics Jordan Peele Should Follow Up ‘Get Out’ With

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In February, a film was released that changed the entire landscape of horror films. Jordan Peele, of the famous sketch duo, “Key & Peele,” wrote and directed “Get Out,” a movie about an interracial relationship gone wrong. It was a bold statement on the subject of race in America, and while I won’t spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it yet, it definitely made viewers see an entirely new level of how social issues can be portrayed through creative media.

During the film’s release, Peele announced that he had plans to release another four films over the next decade he calls “social thrillers” which would focus on a variety of subjects placed in the horror realm. After seeing the brilliance of how he placed the idea current of subtle racism into his “Get Out” film debut, the world will no doubt anticipate what construct he’ll choose to tackle next. But in the meantime, this millennial feminist has four ideas of her own of daily horrors that could easily fit the timespan of a two-hour movie.

1. “Well, Actually” – A Horror Film About Mansplaining

Every single woman on the planet has probably at some point been mansplained to, and to be honest, we’re definitely sick of it. In this film, the protagonist would find herself stuck in a spooky forest, surrounded by men who try to explain to her how to get out, even though she is fully capable of doing it on her own. With each male voice driving into her head, she becomes more and more possessed with the male spirit, until they take over her completely. She’s saved at the end by her best friend who calls to make sure she got home from the party okay because all she needed was a female voice to break her of the spell (and pass the Bechdel test).

2. “Sushi Role” – A Thriller About An Asian Actress Replaced By Scarlett Johansson

How many more movies will get whitewashed before actors of color are given a chance? In this Freaky Friday-style film, an up-and-coming Asian American actress goes to an audition for a film based on an anime. She’s told that the only way she can get the role is if she is willing to give her soul to Scarlett Johansson so the part has an “Asian essence” to it, but can be palatable to white audiences who only feel comfortable watching white actors on screen. She agrees, but then realizes her mistake when she tries realizes that no one will come to see the movie anyways because the woke public is getting sick of this whitewashing.

3. “Bitch Hunt” – A Horror About The Defunding Of Planned Parenthood

How is it 2017 and Conservatives still think they have a right to tell women what they can or can’t do with their bodies? Without Planned Parenthood funded, women (and men), will have a hard time getting affordable sexual health care, and abortions will happen anyway, except they’ll be done incorrectly and could lead to illness or death. In this film, a witch hunt is led by the alt-right, with Milo Yiannopoulos at the front, to find all women who have ever used Planned Parenthood so they can be burned at the stake. Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, raises from the dead to stop them and saves the day with her feminist superpowers she gained from all her good work for women.

4. “The Gropes Of Wrath” – A Thriller About A Woman’s Walk Home At Night

You know what’s just horrifying on a normal day for most women? Their walk home at night, or their daily jog, or even just stepping outside their apartment to exist on the Earth. Unfortunately, the synopsis to this film can probably be imagined because it’s the reality for so many women who are sexually harassed and assaulted every day, which is a sad reality in our world and is a horror in itself. Wow, that got dark.

I can’t wait to see Jordan Peele’s anthology of social thrillers and hope he takes into consideration some of these topics when creating his future films. Stay woke. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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