10 Reasons He’s Absolutely A Sociopath

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz
Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz

1. He’s Obsessed with Himself

Yeah, you think he’s great too, but he doesn’t even need to hear it. This dude thinks he is straight-up Jesus walking on water. He thinks he invented the wheel. He can’t walk past a mirror without winking at himself. He probably doesn’t even need love from a chick. He already tells himself he’s what’s up. And that keeps him from complimenting you. Because that would mean the conversation isn’t about him. Not happening.

2. He’s a Storyteller

Everyone tells white lies. You tell your friend that bandage dress doesn’t show her belly at all because you know she’s gonna go out and feel like a million bucks. You tell your mom you got home at 2 instead of 5 so you don’t sound like a total dirtbag. But this guy could be the world’s greatest author. He elaborates to the point of question. And he believes it too! You won’t question it out loud, but you pick up that something is off with how many crazy things happen to this person.

3. He’s a Sweet Talker

Typically the way he snags you, this guy can sell meat to a vegan. He’s super talkative and knows all the right things to say. It’s his best superpower; he uses it to manipulate and control the situation without you even guessing that he could be a bad guy. He’s too good at swaying you whichever way he pleases.

4. No Shame

He is incapable of guilt. When you get to know this person and arguments inevitably arise, he never takes blame or holds accountability for his actions. He’s great at twisting the blame on you, even when the falling out is completely a result of his actions. He has no worry in the world that what he’s done to upset you has made you feel that way. He truly believes he isn’t wrong.

5. He’s Overly Competitive

Aside from the lack of taking blame for when he’s wrong, his mission is also to come out on top. Sociopaths have a dying need to be the winner of a situation, mostly to fluff their feathers and validate their feeling of superiority. You will not ever have the last word, they will always beat you at that game.

6. He’s Super Smart

He’s great at manipulating and talking you into doing what he wants because he’s intelligent. He is able to think in ways that the average person cannot, and while intelligence can be an attractive feature in someone, this person uses it to manipulate and plot their way into having the upper hand.

7. He Doesn’t Have Real Relationships

This guy has few friends, if that. And the ones he does have probably question all of these qualities, too and keep a distance for that reason. He cares too much about himself to make an effort to have close friendships and the friendships he does have are low-maintenance, superficial acquaintances if really examined.

8. Instant Gratification

Sociopaths live life in the fast lane. They live in the moment & that attributes to short lived friendships and romantic relationships. This guy has a high sex drive, but a low tolerance for any intimacy. He’s definitely not spooning you after the deed is done.

9. Rule-Breaker

This person does has a blatant disregard for rules and regulations that everyone knows to respect. His superior view of himself leads him to believe he can get away with anything, and in typical fashion does as he pleases. Many sociopaths have a criminal record and continue to add to their roster because of this lack of understanding.

10. He’s Incapable of Love

The hardest one to face: he cannot love you because of how much he loves himself. It is impossible for him to care about someone other than himself, and despite the attention he gives you in other ways, he will never see you as deserving of commitment or anything that conflicts with his self-loving agenda. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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