To The Girl Who’s Settling, Please Remind Yourself Of Your Worth

To the girl who always calls first and initiates the plans. To the girl who puts her pride aside and agrees to the bare minimum. To the girl who pardons excuse after excuse. To the girl who accepts half-hearted love. This is for you.

You. Yes, you. Are you loved the way you ought to be loved? Are you satisfied with yourself and does your partner make you feel whole? Does your partner realize that they should be WORTHY to be with you? If you answered “no” to these questions then this quick read is for you.

Don’t settle for a love that you think might make you happy. Live for a love that DOES make you happy. You are worth the moon and the stars and the universe in between. If your partner doesn’t realize that, remind them or walk away.

Remind yourself that you are priceless and that you should never settle for anyone that makes you feel inferior. After all, you are special, unique, and exquisite. Why would you ever settle for someone who would so quickly sell you short?

Know in your heart that you are worth it. You are worth the time. You are worth the effort. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t put in either.

Show yourself that you are strong enough to be on your own. Don’t stay with someone out of forceful habit or a fear of being alone. Remind yourself that you could be better off.

Take the time to write down the reasons why you love yourself. Then write down how your partner supports these reasons. Write down how you feel when you are alone and how you feel when you are with your partner. Do you feel at peace? Do you feel stressed?

Evaluate how your partner truly makes you feel. Do you feel one way when you are together? And another when you are apart? You should never wonder where you and your partner stand. Instead, you should KNOW that they are excited to be with you. You should KNOW how much they enjoy your company. You are worth feeling secure and empowered in your relationship.

Be kind to you. When you settle, you are incredibly gracious to your partner. They can do the bare minimum, while you put in most of the effort. Instead, remind yourself that you need to be kind to yourself as well. Critically ask yourself if you are being kind when you are with your partner.

Remind yourself that others want to be with you and like being around you. Why would you settle on one thing when there is a vast oasis of possibilities awaiting you? You are worth the best life has to offer. With this, you should feel your best in return.

Lastly, love and respect yourself enough to walk away. Do the hard thing this time around. Don’t wait for them to end it, don’t let them get tired or bored. Take a stand and show them that you are stronger than they thought. You are worth far more than they are giving you. Show them that they simply don’t deserve you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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