An Open Letter To Those Who Love Too Deeply

How To Start Being Brave In Your Relationship

Throughout childhood we are introduced to the term “bravery” by means of knights in shining armor, fighting and defeating mythical beasts, and saving the day. However, life is far from these fairytales. Today, bravery is speaking your mind. Today, bravery is communicating your intentions. Today, bravery is owning your body and your choices. Let this article empower you to start being brave in your relationship.

Practice Open Communication

Never be afraid of your own voice. The best way to tell someone how you feel or what you want is through open communication. In return, your partner should also communicate their feelings and intentions as well. Most importantly, you should feel empowered to speak your mind at all times. Don’t fear healthy confrontation.

Use Your Words Deliberately And With Purpose

Your partner should know that your words not only need to be heard, but also need to be understood. Your words should be honest, direct, and purposeful. Make sure that your thoughts and intentions are done with strength and pride.

Stand Up For Yourself

Never ever let the person you are dating walk all over you. Unless a literal doormat is reading this article, there is no excuse for your partner to make you feel inferior. Always stand up for yourself and make sure that your voice is heard.

Know Your Self Worth

You are an unbelievably beautiful and wonderful gift. Everyone you meet should treat you as such. In a relationship, your partner is lucky to be with you. Find the strength in yourself to see it this way too.

Own Your Body

Despite any blemish, wrinkle, roll, or scar I want you to love and own that beautiful body of yours. Discover an admiration for your image and make sure that your partner appreciates your gloriousness too. Find bravery in loving who you are in your skin.

Own Your Choices

Your body is your own. Your mind is your own. Find value and strength in owning up to your choices. Whether this means defending your actions or apologizing for them, do so with integrity and confidence.

Be Opinionated

While this is not to suggest you should always have the “my way or the highway” attitude, feel comfortable letting your opinion be known. In a relationship there will come times of compromise, but also times when only one person is able to get their way. Pick your battles, but stay true to your opinions and your beliefs.

Question The Things Around You

Allow yourself to brave enough that you don’t always accept the status quo. Bring up issues in your relationship and question how you and your partner can improve. While there is no “perfect” relationship, progress never occurs if you or your partner is complacent.

Trust Your Gut

Be brave enough that you actually trust your gut. Confidently decide how your partner makes you feel and trust yourself enough to know that you deserve the absolute best.

Never Settle

Never be with someone just to be with someone. Your fear of being alone should not make its way into your relationships. Find the bravery and the confidence to know that you CAN be alone.

Be Proud Of Who You Are

Be brave. Be bold. Be so unapologetically you. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. Regardless of who your partner is, never lose “you” in your relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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