Honestly, It’s Ok To Be The More Emotional Partner In Your Relationship

When I was younger, I would always give my mom shit when she would cry at movies. Even at the smallest sentimental moment, she would always well-up with tears. My family would tease her relentlessly as we would joke, “here comes the waterworks!!” It wasn’t until recently I realized I was turning into her (isn’t that always the case?). While I now cry at movies (I kid you not, Pete’s Dragon made me cry within in the first 6 minutes), I have also realized that this emotional vulnerability has leaked into my relationships. Without a doubt, I am by FAR the more emotional partner. Here is what I have come to learn with my newfound emotional expressiveness:

1. Your Crying Is Beautiful, Own It

While everyone may not get it, let yourself own this expressiveness. If you can cry, then cry. SO many people have trouble crying in the first place. Allow yourself to sink into those tears and get it out of your system.

2. Your Emotional Bursts Are Short Lived

You are not one to hold things in and let them fester. Instead, you can address your emotions as they arise. Therefore, your bursts of emotions are short. You know how to handle surges of your feelings and calm yourself down.

3. You Recognize That “Emotional” Does Not Always Mean “Crying”

I think we tend to consider the word emotional to specifically insinuate “crying.” However, this is not the case. As an emotional person, you simply feel things strongly. Your feelings are openly displayed and are not internally chained up. In a relationship, these emotions can manifest during moments of love, happiness, or excitement. You are in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings, which allows you to live in the moment and openly express your emotions to your partner.

4. You Are Able To Communicate Your Emotions

While it’s one thing to understand your emotions, it is a whole other talent to communicate your feelings. As an emotional person, you have become well versed in communicating your thoughts and feelings. You aren’t afraid to sound vulnerable or insecure. Instead, you allow your partner to understand your raw emotions and anxieties.

5. You Normalize Emotions In Your Relationship

The human range of emotions is all over the place. At some point in our lives, we have all experienced anger, sadness, disappointment, jealousy, and happiness. However, these emotions can be heightened in a relationship because you are not only processing your emotions, but your partner’s as well. As the partner who tends to be more emotional, you are able to normalize and embrace emotional situations as they arise.

6. You Are Transparent

A beautiful thing about expressing your emotions is that it leaves very little room for you to mask how you truly feel. If you are sad, it shows all over your face. If you are happy, your body radiates with warmth. Simply put, your actions and emotional responses speak for themselves. This sort of transparency and communication is paramount for a healthy relationship.

7. Your Emotions Speak Louder Than Words

As an emotional partner, one of the most impactful ways to show you care is through your emotions. Even if you don’t articulate it enough, your love is apparent when you, for example, sob during a heartfelt goodbye. While it might be hard if your partner doesn’t show as much emotion as you do, know that they are experiencing similar feelings as well.

8. You Know How To Comfort Your Partner

As someone who has needed comforting and consoling before, you know how to be there for someone else. Emotions make us human, but they also make us vulnerable. Therefore, when your partner opens up you know exactly how to respond. While some people become overwhelmed or uncomfortable by other people’s emotions, you always rise to the occasion.

9. You Help Your Partner Explore Their Own Emotions

As the more emotional partner, you are teaching your partner how to be a little bit more expressive everyday. Throughout your relationship, your partner is probably experiencing emotions that they have never felt before. Emotions that you have awakened within them. You are teaching them how to be brave, how to be vulnerable, and how to be secure. For that and so so SO much more, be proud you are the more emotional partner. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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