17 Things Only People Who Grew Up With A Jewish Mother Will Relate To

Broad City

1. The seriousness of the phrase, “Did ya take a lil sweater?”

2. The consistent offering of food when you have friends over, despite the amount of times you insist that you both have ALREADY ate.

3. Also, constantly translating Yiddish words when she is talking to you and your friends. Oy frickin vey.

4. Not texting her back right away and then promptly receiving ten messages asking if you are okay. But, of course, it’s no worry if she misses YOUR calls or takes a while to respond to YOUR texts.

5. Being instructed to take a snack wherever you go. “Oh are you getting gas for your car… take a lil snack.” “Oh you are getting the mail from the mailbox… take a lil snack.”

6. When she asks what food you want when you are home…in a month.

7. Hearing her tell you about that nice Jewish boy in your neighborhood…who is not only single, BUT WAIT he is pre-med too!

8. She talks at you a mile a minute and somehow you understand the whole thing.

9. She constantly mentions how much she will spoil your grandchildren.

10. When you are driving maybe 5 miles over the speed limit, and she warns you that it is the end of the month… aka COPS WILL PULL YOU OVER.

11. Jewish guilt. Enough said.

12. When you call her to simply say hi and she immediately asks, “How are you feeling? Are you eating enough?”

13. Even though she grew up in New York, she is always ALWAYS cold.

14. How she loves to gossip with you and then giggles, “hehe we are such yentas!”

15. More food. Take a doggie bag to-go, won’t ya?

16. To her, a mild cold is equivalent to you lying on your deathbed.

17. Unconditional and everlasting love from the best lady you know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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