7 Things That Happened When I Broke Up With Instagram

Recently I decided to see what life would be like without my Instagram. It’s a tiny away from social media, but doesn’t mean it wasn’t a tough choice. The fact that I was having such a tough time deciding if I should do it or not showed that I needed to. So one night I did without giving myself a chance to talk myself out of it. It’s been almost two weeks and this is how it’s been so far.

  1. I want to actually text or call people I wanted to check up on, rather than just stalk their pictures and assume I know everything that’s happening
  2. I haven’t felt a need to share everything I do on my Instagram
  3. I’m able to cherish moments more, not having to worry about to take the ‘perfect picture’
  4. No worry about what everyone would think about a picture, if it was too much, not pretty enough, if people are secretly making fun of me, etc.
  5. Spending too much time overthinking every post and caption
  6. Not spending endless hours scrolling and scrolling through pictures
  7. Talking with people when I’m out instead of looking at my phone

I don’t know if I’m going to make another one or not. A fresh start on social media does sound like a good idea. Being an aspiring writer, having social media is a huge help. So maybe in the next couple weeks or months I’ll step back into instagram. I still have my facebook and snapchat, however I’m noticing myself pull away from them slowly. So who knows how my relationship will be with social media. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. It’s great for connecting and growing careers. However when it gets to a point that I NEED it, that’s a problem for me. Living my life without having to showcase it all for people who probably aren’t even looking has been quite refreshing.

Instagram, I swear it’s not you, it’s me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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