13 Little Things To Clean Up In Your Life That Lead To Big Changes

Twenty20 / phiasinclair
Twenty20 / phiasinclair

Often I find myself waking up overwhelmed by basically everything around me. My life, my room, my phone, my work, etc.

One day I woke up (as cheesy as it sounds) and decided to tackle this huge to-do list I had in my mind. You know, that to do list that seems never ending as you pass by your unkempt closet and disorganized bookshelf.

Here’s thirteen small things that can lead to cleaning up the BIG things in your life.

1. Get rid of those useless apps. You know the apps…the ones that seemed so promising but you honestly haven’t touched since that first week. I’m looking at you ‘MyFitness Pal’. Get rid of them. Make space for things you actually need…like contacts and pictures.

2. Discard of unwanted pictures. Your gallery is probably 75% of all those failed selfies. You don’t need them! Doing this will give you A LOT more space on your phone.

3. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Because you’re not going to be wearing it in the year to come. You know that. I know that. The Ralph Lauren polo knows that. Be strict though, do not give in to the ‘but what if I need it…’ You won’t.

4. Recycle all those assignments and notes. Come on…you don’t need those notes from General Psych. Ever. Again. Don’t throw them out though, recycle…think of the trees!

5. All that nonsense jewelry. How much of your jewelry is from Claire’s? Don’t be ashamed…I would say 80 percent of mine is. And of that there’s 70% still in the packaging Throw it out or give it to your kid sister. And throw out all that gross make up while you’re at it.

6. Literally take a garbage bag to your room. Throw out all that garbage and crap underneath your bed. The perfume bottles that are empty, the magazines that are outdated, etc. Anything you KNOW for a fact you don’t need, get rid of it. If you’re making excuses to keep it…toss it.

7. Make your bed in the morning. I believe this helps you once you come back from a day at work or school…to see your bed all made and ready for you to ruin it. It just looks nice. Good end to the day to unmake the bed.

8. Clean up your social media. There’s so many people I followed on instagram that I really didn’t care for. Fitspo profiles, celebrities, those stupid funny pages, and even people I don’t know but thought I’d follow. Recently I unfollowed a bunch and now my feed of things I actually care about.

9. Clean your car dammit. If you have a car than you know how easy it is to completely mess it up. Once in a while take a garbage bag and get rid of all those gum wrappers then recycle those water bottles for some coins. Cleaning your car and having it smell nice is so worth it when you have the two-hour traffic stop or your picking up your hot date…or your mom from work.

10. Organize your clothes. This is obviously after you successfully have gotten rid of a big chunk. I’m telling you it is such a good feeling when you really reorganize and take the time to fold your clothes. Maybe rearrange a few things. Do this maybe once a month, or if your ambitious like I sometimes am, try to do it every Sunday. A good way to start your week right.

11. Get rid of all those documents. I literally just did this. Deleting all my documents from the four years of college. Kind of like tip 4…now I have much more room for articles.

12. Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe. I’m so guilty of this, subscribing to all these newsletters just cause. It’s not long until I have about 2,000+ unread emails and overlooking the emails that matter. Take an hour and go thru all the emails and unsubscribe to the ones you know you don’t check everyday. It probably is a whole lot of them. Then delete all the unread mail because let’s be honest, that email from Express two months ago doesn’t really matter anymore. And all that unread mail that’s sitting there, delete it! You don’t need it anymore.

13. Throwing out all those empty shampoo bottles. Do it. Throw them out! Get rid of the madness! You don’t need them anymore! They are useless!!

These are some things I have done recently that have really cleaned up my life. I’m extremely messy and will leave my dirty socks on the floor for days. But, I’m working on it and doing these things helps take care of what affects me while also taking care of myself. Good luck cleaning! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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