Read This When You’re Ready To Accept The Truth About The First Few Months Of Post-Grad

Let me guess, for the last, hmmm let’s say twenty years you have been without a doubt supported by your parents. I don’t mean in a spoiled way. I mean in a you don’t have to worry about your cell phone bill, the new car for your birthday is on them, and they don’t even dare to speak about the finances in front of you way. This is mostly because they love you and want you to have the life we assume they didn’t have.

Then it all changes.

All of a sudden you’re done with college, with that the ability to call them up to throw in those extra hundred dollars into your account. The sheet we have ignorantly been wearing over the thought of financial responsibility is now suddenly lifted and the real world is beckoning you with its cold claws. And by beckoning I mean pulling you by your hair as you’re kicking and screaming to hold onto that sweet ignorance.

Well…it’s time. Time for you to grow up and face the world. Now if you are like myself, a lump sum of student loans looming in the near future, a car payment for a very expensive car that you didn’t ask for but was rather an amazing surprise, and little daunting bills you are finally realizing that you can’t keep relying on your parents for, then you are probably on the cusp of a mental breakdown.

Right after I graduated that I leapt into the real world and began realizing that I can’t just play the role of the ditzy blonde that doesn’t know what 401k means or why a credit score even matters. Here are some hard truths that are going to hit you real fast.

1. Taxes are a bitch and they don’t care who you are or how soon it is after you dubbed your graduation cap with your bestie.

2. It’s going to feel like it’s hitting you all at once and honestly it probably is. You’re going to have to grow up.

3. This is the worst I think, it’s going to feel like absolutely no one understands you. That it’s the world against you and you feel like a complete brat for complaining.

The negativity comes real quick when you start to realize that traveling the world without a care like all those Instagram accounts is just not possible…right now! Here are some things that you need to remember once the real world comes-a-knockin’.

Everyone has to hit this wall. It’s hard and fast but everyone goes through it. Sometimes much earlier than you so please be thankful that you got to skate by for so long. With this know that you can find a ton of people to relate to and it’s okay to bitch and moan from time to time. Just don’t lie down and die.

Don’t feel like you have to give up on life. This is just the beginning and once you figure out your priorities, you’ll be okay. Might even be happier then you ever felt. It’s just getting a handle on it all. You’re going to have to give up those wild nights out in order to make your car payment. Nothing wrong with that.

It’s going to be okay. Just breathe and take a step back. Hopefully you’re lucky enough to find a job to help get this under control. There’s so much out there and you are most likely going to have to settle for something that isn’t everything you dreamed of. At least for now.

I hope no one is sugar coating it for you. It can really suck and you might have a mental break down or two. But then something happens. You get a better understanding of what’s happening, your parents’ guide you a bit, and you start to find the time to do things you love.

Graduating from college and being in your early twenties is a really great thing. It’s going to be a huge reality check, but it’s a great time to find yourself. I know everyone makes fun of that term, but isn’t that really what life is about? Finding what means most to you and making a life from that? That’s what I believe.

During my transition this summer into the real world, I was a hot mess express. I was crying all the time; having panic attacks, and felt myself changing into a very negative person. A change that I hated. But now I feel like I’m making it to the other side. I’m in a lot better control of my emotions, I don’t panic right away when something happens but rather try to make it work, and I allow myself to enjoy the moment.

Sure my life isn’t everything I want it to be RIGHT NOW, but whose life is right out of college? I’m making it work, taking care of myself, and finding that healthy balance of making sure I can survive financially and living the best life I can.

The main thing I want you to take from this is that, it will be okay. Keep your head up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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