13 Pieces Of ‘Dad Advice’ That You’ll Only Understand In Your 20s

via twenty20/NickBulanovv
via twenty20/NickBulanovv

When it came to my dad during my teen years, I think it’s safe to say that I had the same mindset like every other girl my age. That my dad knew nothing, couldn’t understand how I was feeling, and was the biggest jerk.

Now in my twenties when I look back, I cringe at what an idiot I was not appreciating how much he was teaching me. Although there is so much he has taught me and is still teaching me, there’s thirteen things that stick out the most and that I think anyone could take meaning from:

1. ‘It’s yes, not yeah.’

Think of how you’re presenting yourself. Try not to like an idiot.

2. ‘Do the Damn Thing’

Walk away knowing you gave it all you had.

3. ‘Wanna talk about life? Sure, we can talk about life…’

Appreciate what you have instead of complaining about how hard life is.

4. ‘Brush your hair 100x on each side.’

Take care of yourself.

5. ‘Tomatoes are the best thing for you.’

Sometimes you’ll have to do something you don’t like because it is the better for you. I still hate tomatoes though.

6. ‘Remember what you hated about your coach.’

Keep in mind how you want to be treated. Anyone you feel wronged by, learn from what they’ve done.

7. ‘It’s the fourth quarter…’

Don’t wait till the last minute to wake up, if you do it just makes it harder on yourself.

8. ‘Go somewhere else. Get the hell outta here.’

See what’s out there, don’t stay in one place the rest of your life.

9. ‘Why are you not drinking right now?’

Be young and do young things.

10. ‘When I was your age, I wasn’t worrying about turning 30.’

Be happy in the moment now. Stop worrying about the future; it’ll get here when it gets here.

11.   ‘If you leave, everyone else will still be here. Don’t be so scared about losing friends.’

The friends that matter the most are the ones that will always be there no matter where you are.

12.   ‘I apologized to my mom for being such a jerk.’

Love and appreciate your parents. No matter what you think, they know best and are trying to do the best for you.

13.   ‘Find what you love then try to make money from it. Be happy.’

My favorite thing he’s ever said to me.

Daddy, I love you. Thank you for everything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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