5 Bits Of Wisdom For The Girl Who Cried Because None Of The Boys Offered To Buy Her A Drink

1. Don’t compare yourself to the girl who constantly gets approached by guys at a bar

She wears dresses so tight I can count the ribs bursting out of her rib cage, so short that nothing is left to the imagination. She wears heels so tall I’m afraid she’ll trip and break an ankle. She smiles at boys from across the room, she waves them over with her long, flirty eyelashes, letting them know that she knows what she wants. If you’re too shy to be one of those girls, or if you’re not sure that’s what you want, that’s okay.

2. You know you want something more than being offered a free drink

You want the boyfriend, the commitment, the fun, sober times and the drunk, silly times and the stay-up-all-night-talking times and amazing-sex-in-the-morning times. You don’t want to be approached at a bar, you’re not looking for that, you want to fall in love. And that’s okay, that’s a dream worth holding on to.

3. Don’t take their cowardice personally

You don’t smile at boys from across the room, you showed up with a group of friends, you’re laughing and dancing and having a great time, and you look beautiful in that outfit. No wonder he’s too shy to approach you. Can you imagine getting shot down by a beautiful girl, in front of all of her friends? In front of all of his friends? Your lack of vulnerability is intimidating to him, so he’ll just admire you from afar, and long for the opportunity to make a move.

4. Don’t ever believe your worth is based on how many guys offer to buy you a drink

When a guy walks into a bar, saunters up to a girl and offers to buy her a drink, it’s usually because he doesn’t want to spend the evening alone. What he’s thinking when he offers to buy that girl a drink is does she look like a girl that wants to have casual sex tonight? And what does that girl even look like? How does she act? If you don’t encourage that kind of attention, are you worth less? Are the girls who do worth less? No. Your worth, your beauty, and what kind of love you deserve is determined by you, not other people.

5. Don’t ever let a boy make you cry

I don’t care if it’s a random guy in a bar that offered to buy your friend a drink instead of you, I don’t care if it’s a boy you had a crush on that started dating someone else, I don’t care if it’s an ex-boyfriend who broke your heart. Don’t ever let a boy make you cry. Be strong, be independent, be beautiful, and know that no boy will ever determine how brightly you shine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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