These Are The Two Sides Of Love

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As humans, we have both the angel and the devil sitting on our shoulders influencing our decisions. All the same, I think that there are two sides that can show in a relationship when we fall in love, ‘Lumiére‘ representing light, and ‘Gréve’ for grief.


I hope you always remember –

1. Love is light. Love lifts you up, as effortless as helium balloons let loose.

2.  Love is super glue and pixie dust combined. Love heals your wounds and puts your heart back together, piece by piece.

3. Love has room big enough for the elephants living with you. Love opens you up, to your past and your secrets, so you can make peace with yourself, then forgive and forget.

4. Love is having that lock on the door. Love encapsulates you in a protective bubble, forming a safe haven around you, so the good is always in, and the bad stays out.


But there are times that you might feel as though –

1. You are being pulled under. Love is a thirty pound boulder tied to your ankles when you are drowning. Sweet takes a turn for the bitter, and your entire world is spinning until it comes to a sudden halt, and you’re left behind in the opposite direction.

2.  You are suffocated. You are always running in your dreams – chased by the devil, the regrets and him. Paths blur and no lines meet. In crowded rooms of two, there is not enough oxygen and you are unable to breathe.

3. You are caged. Your limbs are tied and your every action over-analysed. You morph yourself into different shapes and figures until you lost sight of who you are. You traded the heart of the person you used to be to become somebody else entirely.

4. You are his ghost. Love is the demon he is running from yet comes back to chase all the time. You are drifting in and out of the motions, standing at the front line when he does not see you. You haunt his mind, and he never forgets your face.

Love is light, instead of a heavy burden. Love heals, love fights, love wins. If you have found your lumiére, then be his light. But if you meet somebody that makes you feel the opposite, and you hear your gut feeling say you deserve better, then I hope you are able to find the courage to walk away. Cry, grief, give yourself time for acceptance, then put on a straight face and lay your cards down. Leave the battle out of your hands and choose yourself instead. Save your straight aces – there will be a time for you to play them right. I hope you believe that the right kind of love will come into your life in time, and it will be worth waiting for. When at a crossroad, listen to the angel. I hope you always block out the devil, and listen to the way that your angels are singing in tongues for you. TC mark

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