You’ll Never Meet Your Forever Person If You Don’t Finally Break Up With That F*ckboy

Troy Freyee

The unedited truth about why you haven’t found him yet is that you’re cramming oversized feelings into a pit of shadow and shadiness.

You haven’t found your forever person because you keep making excuses for his intolerable behaviour.

You’re going to bed every night and waking up every morning thinking about how you wish you had more from your current relationship.

You think you are genuinely doing your best with him – but are you?

Doing our best sometimes means accepting the red flags, acknowledging them and ceasing to overlook past the mistakes.

DO you want a shallow man?

ALL the women I counsel tell me the same: NO.

Then why are you stealing your own chance at a happy, fulfilling relationship?

When we choose to stay with someone who doesn’t cater any of our emotional needs, we are basically setting ourselves up for terrible damage.

The things that can derive from spending your life stuck in a toxic relationship are numerous, but I will list the most relevant and dangerous 6:

1. Depressive disorder.

2. Anxiety.

3. Panic attacks.

4. Impostor syndrome.

5. Post traumatic stress disorder.

6. Self deprecating behaviours and even self injury.

When your body starts creating stress hormones, you become stuck in a painful, limitating limbo, where your emotions scramble as eggs in a heated pan and you begin to stop telling the reality from fantasy.

Maybe you’re fooling yourself into thinking an almost relationship or a bad tempered man are what you deserve.

Maybe you confuse love by aggression.

Maybe he tricked you into believing love should be as turbulent and depleting as yours is.

But that, that IS NOT LOVE.

Your forever person is not the fuckboy who promised you the world and then kept you hanging for days, weeks, months without keeping any of his promises.

Your forever person is not the guy who avoids your calls, texts, and goes behind your back to date and sleep with other women.

Your forever person is not someone who will discredit all your hard work and tell you yeah, whatever when you ask for his honest opinion or advice.

Your forever person will not make you feel sick, crazy, brutally angry, they won’t make you question your self-esteem, your sanity, and mostly, the fact that they love you.

Finally, let me ask you, how badly do you want to meet your forever person?

Because it’s not going to happen unless you grow a back bone, grip firmly to your sense of survival and leave that fuckboy for good.

You can start today…or you can start tomorrow.

But be warned.

He’s there waiting for you.

Are you gonna make the first move? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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