Why Girls Who Date This Kind Of Guy End Up The Happiest


Have you seen that kind of man who resembles Jesus Christ in his attitude? 

What kind of man loves likes this? you might be asking yourself.

He is beautifully bold, yet calm, collected and compassionate. He is brave, mature and conscious, modest in demeanour and always capable of washing away your bad day with a heartfelt piece of advice coming from his life long, vast experience.

He makes no harsh or rough decisions, yet knows how to govern through his life with charisma, plenitude and positivity.

He makes you feel protected and cared for. His sensibility is cultured, his determination spans a long time of trial and error. He is trustworthy and will never step over others to make his plans come true.

He will make you take pride in his dignity and he will profess the truest definition of love to you.

He’ll walk through hardship with faith and will look at life’s nonsense with a peaceful smile upon his face.

He’ll never lecture you, because he sees the beauty and depth of your soul.

He will protect you from this cold harsh world.

And even if he won’t be the one, or the only one you’ll spend your life with, he will transform the way you love. Forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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