20 Things Intelligent Girls With Old Souls Know To Be Heartbreakingly True


1. Love never comes easy.

2. You often feel alone and misunderstood by your peers. When you meet someone on the same wavelength with you – it’s a real celebration.

3. You have a hard time connecting with people, and especially men your age. You enjoy the company of those who have strolled through the world, learned some lessons and radiate sincerity.

4. You are hyper aware of other people’s emotions and actions. You make quick connections and recognize patterns with ease.

5. You know your undeniable value, but still struggle with self esteem in this crazy, harsh world.

6. You always have a good piece of advice to handle, even when no one returns your favor.

7. Your mind is sometimes a terrible place to be, but in spite of difficulties, you will always do your best to create alternate realities that make the world what you want it to be.

8. You like older men, because they show more life experience, maturity and sensitivity than young, hormonal fuckboys.

9. You crave intimacy like no other.

10. Your perfectionism is sky high. It’s your source of stress and happiness simultaneously.

11. You find most millennial trends unappealing. You mostly wish you lived in a different decade, such as the 1920’s or the seventies.

12. Your intuition is profound and incredibly sharp. 

13. You have a great understanding of worldly issues but often come across as a snob because you know only so much.

14. You are a natural born empath.

15. Your wanderlust is a deep resource of joy and anguish, and it often makes you appear unstable. But it’s just who you are, and how much you want to immerse yourself in the world.

16. You can comfort almost anyone with their struggles, but you have a hard time finding the same resource of empathy amongst your friends.

17. You question your sanity a lot.

18. You invest great amounts of time in personal development, soul searching and psychological counseling.

19. You are a true born leader but you have a hard time forming solid bonds with people, especially business wise.

20. You often feel that life is someplace else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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