Here’s What Your Dirtiest Sexual Fantasy Looks Like, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: A sex marathon.

They say you’re stubborn in your career, Aries, but have they seen you in bed? You’re not just competing, you’re training to become a champion in everything, and when it comes to lighting the bedroom on fire with passion and love, you’re the one that neighbours complain about most! You take training religiously and put time and passion into practising sex like making art. Your greatest fantasy is to find that rare, experienced partner who can run the mile with you for hours in the sheets. Get yourself and your SO into an extended Tantra class, and together you might just break the record (and hopefully not your pelvis).

Taurus: A dangerous method.

Your ruling sign has an acquired taste for pleasure. You play the love game like no one else, Taurus, and whoever manages to escalate up your heart is in for some seriously horn(s)y play dates. While you thrive on showing people who’s the boss in your business life and your social circle, your domineering nature softens as you curl under the sheets with your partner on top and ask for tough love – be it handcuffed, blindfolded, spanked or soaked in their privates’ juices. This is higher level for you, Taurus. Your secret fantasy is to be submissive while serving your lover to great heights of pleasure.

Gemini: A threesome with your couple’s therapist.

Hey Gemini! Are you looking for a way out of your nerve wrecking, endless arguing between your left and right hemispheres, between your rational and emotional nature, or are you secretly delving into a kinky trifecta you’re too shy to act upon? While you’re all up for experimentation, you often get lost in the process and fail to get completely comfortable within the experience itself. Your moods shift between your masculine and feminine sides, your dark, dirty fantasies and your romantic energies, and you blame yourself way too much for sharing both sides of a coin with a SO. Your kinkster in disguise wants to merge them all in a threesome that eventually gives all of you something to talk about for the next couple of weeks.

Cancer: A clandestine affair.

People might think you’re giving them the cold shoulder – especially in dating, Cancer, and not because you’re a hopeless romantic with high levels of anxiety, but because your passion burns out so quickly that there’s no more fuel to fire up those glorious nights you shared in the beginning with a lover. While your inner comfort creature craves stability and emotional balance, your sensuous subconscious often lures you into alternative worlds where you passionately make love to strangers, flirt with new Tinder matches or even rekindle with old flames. Paying attention to your dreams may help you decode your waking life desires and needs and decide whether you need to work on your relationships or simply let go more often.

Leo: A good spanking.

Sparks fly with you, oh, Lion King (or Queen). Your feisty, colourful character shows up not only in the way you handle day to day relationships, but also in the boudoir. You have a mouthful of bad words and cruel intentions for whoever crosses the line to your temperamental ego, but you also get your kicks from bedroom cardio with an S&M twist and an enriched dirty vocabulary. Your alter ego is all the way into bondage, deep throat and anal, preferably all at the same time. Oops, don’t forget to breathe, Leo!

Virgo: An elaborate role-play date with costumes.

You sure like to play make-believe, Virgo, and in the bedroom you enjoy crafting scripts and scenarios to follow in great detail with your loved one. You do not shy away from adopting a character and you take it seriously enough to play a role for hours, be it an inexperienced teenager, a charismatic business man or a prostitute. You love connecting with your partner through the build-up created by alternate fantasies and don’t set limits to your imagination. Your top fantasy is to pretend you’re the opposite sex in bed.

Libra: An orgy like the Romans would.

Face it, Libra. With your dazzling charm and your multifaceted personality, you are the life of the party – and not just any party, but the most intriguing and taboo one of them all. You have a passionate nature and you enjoy seduction games, and even though these habits might get you a player reputation you don’t seem to mind. You like to take action and take each sexy situation at dangerous heights, even if your romantic fantasies might not be seen as the most orthodox ones. In bed, you play by the book of Kama Sutra and you’d run the mile to see your own wishes and your partner’s fulfilled. Your biggest fantasy is an orgy with glamorous people like you in a lavish resort or venue.

Scorpio: A date with a sex guru.

You don’t play games, Scorpio, but you sure love a challenge. You enjoy a submissive role from time to time and you can’t resist taking lessons from someone experienced who can alter your sexual perception and help you enhance your own pleasure. Between 50 Shades Darker and Paulo Coehlo’s 11 minutes, your deepest fantasy is being given orders and following them gradually without questioning them until your own body explodes under passionate pressure.

Sagittarius: A sex blog you share with your SO.

You’re an exhibitionist by nature, Sag, not only in your social life, but also in your private affairs. No wonder you can’t hold your tongue and drip illicit information about your sex life over the dinner table. Remember Sagittarius fellow Samantha Jones from Sex And The City? If she were a millennial social media talent/blogger, she’d probably get ahead of her fashion and lifestyle peers and start documenting her life between the sheets garnered with explicit selfies and luxurious erotic photo sessions yesterday already. You’re deeply in touch with your sexuality, Sagittarius, and you demand the same lustful, playful energy from your dates. You’re a born epicurean, and your curiosity for everything delightful in life turns you on in ways that you just can’t contain or keep only to yourself. Your number one fantasy is to be seen, not just looked at.

Capricorn: A bi-curious affair.

Even if you’ve never experienced a fling or an affair with a same sex partner, you muse about it in your wildest dreams. You might shy away to admit it, but you get goose bumps each time you joke about actually doing it. You find particular women or men particularly arousing and would love to know what if feels like to share a same sex encounter in bed.

Aquarius: The great outdoors.

Your adventurous spirit never stops you from getting your wishes fulfilled, even when it takes a few rough bumps to actually get where you wanted, be it on a field, in a playground, in a moving vehicle, a museum, a fitting room or that wedding you crashed with your not-so-platonic friend with benefits. You love experimentation and have a taste for adrenaline, and won’t back off from pushing your date’s fuck buttons to the point of no return, even when you’re in a public place (or a private property you’ve decided to trespass). Other people’s “mission impossible” is your “sky is the limit”, and your greatest fantasy is to get caught by someone while you orgasm hard.

Pisces: Getting your own sex tape leaked.

Things are getting hot in there with you Pisces, not just because underneath your layer of mysterious shyness you’re a natural born seducer, but also because you incite to voyeurism and you have a natural talent for keeping your body in good shape (and angle). Your deepest, darkest sexual fantasy is to get filmed while doing it, and to have everyone watch the aftermath.

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