You Are My Person

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

You are my person.

No I am not going to say you were my person because you are my person. You will always be my person.

I love you like I loved no other. I love you unconditionally. When you love someone, you see them in everything. I see you in everything. I hear you in the lyrics of every song. Your absence marks my presence, and all to often my reality is surrounded of memories of us from the past. I see her as well, the girl who doesn’t belong with you. The wrong one. I can almost imagine her smiling at me, with a smirk mocking me on her pretty face, because she has your attention now, and I do not. Little does she know, I am the one you belong with, that can not be changed.

My sweet boy, you leaving me has taught me to have more independence than I thought I had in myself. I have become someone incredible, someone I never thought I was. This strength has come from the inner most deepest parts of me, as I continue my life expedition without you.

But I must admit, I don’t want to continue without you.

That does not take away any of my strength, losing someone who was your other half makes you empty, lost. You were the reason why I liked waking up in the morning, knowing I was waking up to your handsome face, looking into those beautiful, mysterious blue eyes that always kept me wondering. You were the reason why I went to sleep with a smile on my face, hearing your voice until the last possible moment I could stay awake, while we laid in my bed.

You were the reason why my happiness existed, always putting a smile on my face was what you were amazing at.

You knew me all too well, so fast. You got me. You were the reason why I dreamt about life, imaging what it could have given us. You were the reason why I fought so hard when you pushed me away… But, I unfortunately failed. Feeling all too worthless.

Until we meet again mi amore… When that day comes I hope we are both in the right spot for each other. Today is not for us but you and I both know that day is going to come. Maybe two months from now, maybe five years from now, maybe twenty years from now. We are right for each other. Our love that we shared has faded but is impossible to disappear. One day you are going to wake up and realize what you are missing, what you have pushed away. The most intimate love you could ever experience. I can promise you I would cherish you and love you forever. I would listen and be your shoulder to cry on.

I would be your smile when you’re feeling low. I would be your guidance when you are feeling lost. I would be everything you could ever dream of and more.

I realize what I lost every single day I wake up and don’t have your arms wrapped around me keeping me safe. You’re my saviour, my angel. You lifted me up when I was at my worst possible misery. The connection we share is powerful, always will be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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