I Destroyed Myself By Loving You Too Much


You bought me flowers, you knew my favorite type. Daisies. For every occasion, you would bring them to me. They were so beautiful, but they would die and the petals would start to fall off.

For our anniversary, you bought me a cactus. You said that you would love me forever and this cactus represented your love. You gave it to me so that it would not die.

I watered your cactus too much and it rotted. I was only trying to keep it alive. I set it in the sun and tried to cut the rotten part out but it was too late. It was gone.

How perfectly this portrays our love.

I loved you so much. I showed you love like you had never experienced before. I sought ways to make you happy, to bring a smile to your face. Little did I know, that you couldn’t handle it. You promised forever and then you left. Was I too much? Did I not love you the right way? Or was I just not what you needed?

Our love was thorny. But I tried my best to make it beautiful. Loving you so much, too much, made you leave. I thought I hurt you, but you killed me. You sucked up all my love and left. Now I have none left for myself or anyone else.

I wish you would have just given me daisies. At least they’re still beautiful when they are dried out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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