If Your Friends Do Any Of These 9 Things Then You May Be Stuck In A Toxic Friendship

Brook Cagle

Friendship is a funny thing. If you’re lucky, you have a group of friends filled with people who genuinely love you, care about you and don’t make you Venmo them $1.00 for stealing a few fries at dinner. If you aren’t so lucky, you might have the friend who makes everything about them, carries constant negativity around, and always makes it their purpose to throw a hissy-fit when something doesn’t go their way until you roll over. These are the toxic friends that you need to leave behind.

Here are many ways to tell if you have a toxic friend:

1. They’re selfish

We can all be selfish at times, as we should be. But, there’s a difference in being selfish for our personal health and being selfish because you always need to be the center of attention or can’t deal with anyone else getting their way.

2.  They can’t be happy for you in a relationship while they’re single

This is a biggie, surround yourself with people who not only can be happy for you but WANT you to be happy too. It’s tough at times when you’re single and your BFF is in a relationship, but if roles we’re reversed you would want them to be happy for you too. Make sure to make some time for everyone and balance it out, but never apologize for being in a happy, healthy relationship.

3. They lie to you about how you look so that they can be sure to look better

I know what you’re thinking, WHAT? But, it happens. I’m confident that a lot of girls have known someone who has done this, for me it was in high school when I was too shy to speak up for myself. Apart from the “no looking better than the birthday girl on her birthday” rule, this can be summed up as one thing, catty AF. Friends are supposed to let you borrow their new velvet dress and help you feel confident, not belittle you.

4. They always need to have the guys/girls

There are plenty of people out there, so why is it everytime you go out your friend always ends up making out with the hot stranger while you get forced to make awkward small talk with their friend who smells like cheesecurls? Answer: You don’t. #byefelicia

5. They talk $h!+ everytime someone isn’t around

Whether it’s you, your other best friend or anyone not in the room, it’s always someone. This makes you question if when you go home will you be the center of her gossip? For me, and I assume anyone else in the world, that’s not a comforting feeling about a friend. Can’t we all just bake a cake filled with rainbows and love each other?

6. They’re constantly borrowing money, and never paying it back

Money is a sensitive subject for a lot of us if I lend someone money I’m usually doing it because I trust them to pay me back. However, we all have that friend who A. Doesn’t or B. You need to constantly be on top of for the next four months of in order to get your money. Lending money is fine, it’s sweet and helpful. Paying it back is even better.

7. They’re hypocritical

While we can all be slightly hypocritical at some points, there’s a difference. It’s one of those situations where if you spend too much time with your S.O then you’re a bad friend, but if they do it’s because they’re in love and you’re just jealous. Complete BS and unfair.

8. They do drugs

Another touchy subject, but the big picture is that if your friend is rushing off every twenty minutes to the bathroom to do a line of coke, or whatever, on your GNO, then you need to go.

9. If you read this and thought about someone specific for any more than two of these

Losing a friend is tough, but sometimes it’s completely necessary for you to be happy. A real friend wouldn’t put you in the above situations, they’re the ones that are judgement-free but still no when they need to step in for your good, they’re the ones that will be there for you without a doubt, even if you just need them to come over with a bottle…or box of wine and complain. Great friends are rare, but they’re not extinct. The only kind of toxic you need in your life is the Britney Spears single. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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