25 Lessons I’ve Learned In 2013


1. Don’t move down the street from your significant other. Either move in with them or live across town, or wherever you were before. When you break up it will feel like a death sentence. Who is that at their house? Omg I just looked out my window and saw your car. Where are you going? Am I crazy? I’m not crazy!

2. Live with friends – but not childhood best friends. Hey, some people can make it work, but we obviously couldn’t. That leads me to my next point.

3. Friends grow apart. And its heart wrenching. You may not even know what happened. That’s the worst part. You both work opposite shifts, have different circles of friends, new interests that come with age/ college and before you know it, everything is different. I will always love you so much Cassie and only wish the happiest things for your life.

4. Drugs are like a teeter totter. And it’s just best to stay off of it. Those fun weekend benders can quickly turn into something much more serious and life changing. Blame brain chemistry.

5. Make friends with everyone. Be a chameleon/ social butterfly/ whatever you want to be. Be it. You’re young. Experience everything. Everyone. I am a firm believer open minds are the best minds.

6. It’s ok to drop out of college for a year to “find yourself”. No one is judging you.

7. You’re only 21. IT REALLY IS OK.

8. Family is everything. Gotta love those crazy bastards.

9. But they won’t agree with every choice you make. Accept that. You’re an adult now. Get used to making your own choices. But learn to live with them.

10. Struggling to make ends meet on your own can be the hardest and most rewarding experience. Amen.

11. If you are really wondering if someone loves you or not, they probably don’t. If someone loves you, you will know. Promise.

12. Cherish your grandparents. They are so wise and know much more than you. Listen and learn young grasshopper.

13. Travel. A lot. Be a gypsy. It’s so beautiful.

14. Take care of yourself. Eat right. Exercise. Moisturize.

15. Don’t stress over picking a major. One day it will come to you.

16. Sometimes moving back home just makes the most sense for that time period. You’re not a failure.

17. Do you baby. Do you.

18. Most of the time when someone is too busy, what they really mean is they’re too busy for YOU.

19. Fuck ’em.

20. That being said, don’t be that guy. You make your time. You are in control of your schedule. Make time to call back your people.

21. Don’t compare yourself/ your life progress/ life path/ to anyone else’s. You are you. There are no others like you. Take pride in that.

22. No one likes a sloppy drunk girl. Come on,

Do not be her. It’s not cute. Be classy. Pinkies up!

23. Don’t let one person take your inability to love. Get up, brush yourself off, and understand life’s best thing to offer is love.

24. That guy IS a dick. Seriously.

25. Life is too short. Life is unfair. I think losing people really teaches you that. It makes you wonder why you don’t take all those chances while you have the time and the opportunity. Live for those who cannot. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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