10 Ways To Stop Stressing About “The Most Romantic Day Of The Year”


Don’t say yes if you don’t like the guy. This will make you more depressed. I know you want a date on Valentine’s Day. However, if aren’t into the guy who asks and he is going to be making a play at you all evening, you will just wind up feeling awful. Instead go out with friends or to a Valentine’s Day singles party.

Don’t expect a love poem or a mushy-gushy love note unless he is truly “that guy.” Most busy successful guys aren’t love poem guys, they just aren’t. You should just be happy, very happy if he actually chooses a romantic or sentimental card instead of one of those joking cards that most guys are tempted to get.

Don’t expect jewelry.
Most men are scared to give you jewelry on Valentine’s day in fear that it will signify more. I know that jewelry on Valentine’s Day might seem like the penultimate in romance for you, but most men don’t do it. Married men, yes but dating men, no. Don’t be angry when you don’t get it.

Don’t doublebook. In today’s day and age with the advent of apps like The Dating Lounge and others, I know it’s easy to date a lot of people at once. However, it is really poor form and difficult to pull off a doublebook on Valentine’s Day. The meals are always long and your date is expecting a full evening. Be careful.

Don’t plan the romantic date and then be angry at him that he didn’t plan it.
I know you are a planner and a drill sergeant when it comes to plans. However, if you want him to plan the evening, then let him plan the evening. And if you know you will be disappointed with what he plans so you plan it, you can’t give him a hard time for not doing it.  Otherwise he loses either way and so do you.

Don’t choose a card that speaks sentiment that you or he doesn’t feel yet.
 You will end up back-peddling if you grab a card that is lovey-dovey and you or he is not there yet. It’s better to err on the side of less sentiment than too much; guys scare off easily.

Don’t forget to give him hints of what he can get you.
I know you want him to be Edward from Pretty Woman and romance you but it’s time to live in reality and not in the Beverly Wilshire. If you want something for Valentine’s Day, drop some hints, help the guy out. Then it can be a win-win for both of you.

Don’t compare your night to your friends’ night.
I know that part of Valentine’s Day is the bragging rights to your friends the next day. Go ahead and brag away but also take a moment to actually be thankful for the man you have in your life and what effort he actually put forth for you on Valentine’s Day. And don’t contrast and compare; you never know what is really happening behind closed doors.

Don’t forget to say thank you for whatever he does
and buys you, no matter what. Most men dislike Valentine’s Day, They think it’s a “Hallmark” holiday and if they participate in it at all, it’s for you. Chances are, he is going to disapoint you or at very least not live up to what you expected. Regardless, even if you hate his gift or his restaurant choice, you must say thank you. If you don’t, he won’t make the effort ever again.

Don’t forget to romance him also.
I know Valentine’s Day is more your thing than his but you still need to get him something and treat him to romance too. It will be fun for you to do it and he might learn something for next year from your example. Plus, he will notice if you do nothing and they he won’t be so keen to plan other romantic things for you in the future.

Don’t do more for him than he is doing for you unless you can do that without anger. If you love being creative and romantic, go right ahead and go all out for him on Valentine’s Day. However, you can’t be mad that you were a rock star and he wasn’t just because it’s your thing and not his. Guys usually suck at this so give him credit for whatever he does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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