10 Types Of Toxic Friends That Are Ruining Your Love Life

Twenty20 / ashleyartidiello
Twenty20 / ashleyartidiello

1. Miss Desperate For A Man

This girl is crazed to meet the One. It’s as if she has the word desperate stamped on her forehead because men see her coming from a mile away. This is NOT a good look for you because the kind of men you want to date are not interested in desperate, insecure women. Relegate this friend to Sunday night movie night.

2. Miss I Already Dated That Guy

This girl has been around the block a few times when it comes to dating. She has been out with just about every guy there is and she has some choice words to share about each and every one of them. The result is that you fail to pursue many men because she “knows that you will never like him.” This girl is not good for your posse; you need to make your own observations about the men you meet.

3. Miss Centerstage

This girl somehow always finds a way to make her stuff and herself seem better than whatever you have going on, especially when guys are around. She is the friend who shows up right as he is asking you for your number and makes herself seem much more interesting than you. And, then he promptly forgets all about you. Even on YOUR birthday, she figures out how to get all the attention. This girl is blowing your rap, so now you need to blow her out of your social circle.

4. Miss Can’t Handle Her Booze

This girl is basically a drunk, even as she sits there innocently sipping her white wine spritzer.She is the kind of girl that I would accept in my exclusive dating app, http://www.thedatinglounge.net  because she is just plain embarrassing.  She is always making a huge scene and needs mucho attention. Eventually, she scares off all the men. You know what you should do about this friend.

5. Miss Blabbermouth

This girl just cannot keep a secret. She doesn’t understand girl code or the definition of the word private. This girl is a walking time bomb because you never know what is going to come out of her mouth that might embarrass you or put you in an awkward situation. If you keep this friend in your life, be very careful about the things you tell her, so you don’t get caught in a big heap of dog-do.

6. Miss Always Having A Blonde Moment

This girl is a ditz regardless of her hair color. She has said, “Oops, I didn’t even think of that,” one too many times, especially when she is around men. You have a brain and you want men to respect you, so don’t let this girl pull you down.

7. Miss Finds Fault In Everything

This girl is hypercritical. There is rarely a time that she thinks her surroundings, the people around her and especially you passes muster. And because she is so critical, she comes across soooo negative. Men hate negative. Do you need a girl in your circle who makes you feel like crap and tramples on your confidence?

8. Miss The Sky Is Falling Down

This girl is always going through the world’s largest issue except that it is usually a big deal only to her. Her problems seem to always become everyone else’s problems, especially yours which makes her tiring to you and to men whom you might date. Of course, if she had a real problem, you would be there for her in a heartbeat, but don’t let her “dramas” get in the way of your dating.

9. Miss Too Pretty

This girl has done nothing wrong other than the fact that she born beautiful. Everyone, including you, is drawn to her, but the question is can they take their eyes off her long enough to notice you standing right next to her? She is a good guy magnet as long as she is willing to share the wealth. This is NOT a friend to get rid of, but you might need to have a heart to heart with her, so that you can devise a system for your socializing together.

10. Miss Ditches You The Second She Finds A Guy

This girl is a fairweather friend, to say the least. She seems to be there for you, makes plans with you, invites you places until she meets a guy and then she disappears into thin air. You deserve a friend who is friends with you even when she has a boyfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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