10 Likely Reasons You Didn’t Get The Second Date

Twenty20 / andriana56
Twenty20 / andriana56

1. Your breath stank.  No one wants to talk to someone with stinky breath. It’s gross. Brush your teeth before the date and make sure you eat something during the day. When you don’t eat, you get bad breath, so eat.

2. You got really drunk. This is not acceptable on a date. No guy wants to see you falling all over yourself, embarrassing him and looking like a fool. Get it together.

3. You were a  picky eater. Most guys like to eat. And they like girls who like to eat and who don’t take a half hour ordering. Don’t go all Harry met Sally, just pick something on the menu and order it.

4. You behaved like you were Joan Rivers! Straight men don’t like gossip especially from a woman they just met. It makes them think that if you are gossiping about other people, it won’t take too long for you to gossip about them.

5. You ordered water. He notices when you basically order nothing which is what water is. And this makes him think you aren’t interested in him. And if you are not interested, why should he bother asking you out again? Order something, even if it’s only sparkling water just to be polite, if for no other reason.

6. You didn’t smile. Recently I did a survey of the men who use my exclusive dating app, http://www.thedatinglounge.net and 94% of the male responders (who are all successful, well-educated and interested in getting married) said that the thing  to which they are most attracted physically is a woman who smiles. Smile or he “ain’t” asking you for a second date.

7. You criticized him like his mommy. No one likes to be criticized especially by a stranger, which is basically what you are to him on a first date. In addition, a man wants to feel like you like him and are impressed by him or why would he possibly waste his time going out with you again? You need to make him feel good about himself.

8. You role-played walking down the aisle together. Men get frightened by a woman who moves too quickly. Even if you think this guy is absolutely perfect for you and you can see yourself living happily ever after with him with 2.1 kids, a dog and a white picket fence, don’t say any of that on a first date. Don’t even joke about it.

9. You treated the date like a job interview. Men want to have fun on a date. If you make it feel like a job interview, he isn’t going to want to see you again. He works all day; he wants to feel that when he comes home at night, he can enjoy your company.

10. You acted like a man. A  heterosexual man wants to date a woman not a man. So don’t act masculine. Be feminine, be flirty, be a woman. This doesn’t mean you can’t be smart and interesting, just be feminine too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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