This Is What I Want The Person Who Hasn’t Given Up On Me To Know

Redd Angelo
Redd Angelo

I know exactly how it feels to be given up on. It’s worse than you think. It’s like surviving a fall from a building hundreds of feet from the ground but feeling every broken bone and every bleeding part of you.

People have given up on me for more times than I can imagine, and those times were the hardest.
I felt alone. Even when a lot of people surrounded me, it felt like I had no one, like I am the only person I had. It made me feel the worst possible emotions I could- like no one ever loved me and no one ever needed me. More than anything, it made me feel that I am not worth fighting for and that I am simply not worth it.

You are everything I needed when you came.
You have been there for me ever since. You have listened to everything: my long rants, my silent sobs, and my happy thoughts- you still do. You are the person I talk to when everything seems to be falling apart. You are the person I tell everything to- including the secrets I wouldn’t dare tell anybody. You make me feel like I’m not difficult at all.

I know you will eventually get tired of me and all the shit I do. Please don’t.

I have given up on me.
I still feel alone. I still think of things I shouldn’t be thinking of like jumping off of a bridge or a building. I have lost myself trying to find the willingness to be back on my feet and be there for myself. Other people have given up on me. So please, don’t give up on me just yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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