These Are The Pros And Cons Of Falling In Love With A Writer

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There is a commonly established opinion that writers, in general, are hard to date. While writing this article I have to say that my personal opinion is that we are absolutely adorable and you would be lucky to have any one of us!

But as there is such a negative general feel (totally wrong obviously) that writers are difficult, let’s explore, with a bit of depth, the pros and cons of dating one.

What you need to understand first is that writers are fragile creatures not very well equipped for social interactions in the world. There is a usual outer shell of social awkwardness you need to break through in order to get to the good stuff.

Bonus tips, if you are interested in dating a writer this is what you need to know how to get one:

  • You will need to approach them first as they are terribly shy.
  • Best practice is that you go to their natural territory (local coffee shop with good wifi) and engage one.
  • You need to be extremely careful since they are like baby deer, easily frightened. Use a reference from your favorite book or possibly Star Wars — this should get them to open up to you. Once engaged, it is easy from there!

Ok, back to business let’s see some aspects and implications of dating a writer.

Writers are a very specific bunch of people. They are highly intelligent and in most cases very well read. They are very creative and can often doze off in their daydreams. This creativity guarantees great and imaginative adventures for anyone who dares date a writer.

Let’s see some cons first:

1. They read… A lot!

No one is saying that reading is a bad thing. On the contrary, reading is a wonderful experience (just think of it as directing a movie in your head) and you should absolutely do it as much as possible!

Writers tend to read more than most. This is logical of course, this is the main reason they wanted to write in the first place. They were fascinated by the worlds and characters that came to life on the page and they wanted to create their own!

Unfortunately, the sheer volume of their reader’s history can be a bit intimidating to the other person involved. They are always talking about books and it can get uncomfortable for their date if they are not familiar with the works in question!

2. If you date them, they will write about you.

This is a fact. Writers draw inspiration from their own lives and dating someone is huge and important. Do not be surprised if you recognize yourself in a blog or a short story, or even a novel and there is no guarantee that it will be nice.

3. Organization is not their thing.

Writers are dreamers. This means that there is a strong possibility they forget that you had plans to go out somewhere since they got lost in their thoughts or they got a stroke of inspiration, started writing and forgot about anything else!

And now for the pros:

1. They are super interesting!

All that reading and writing and research must count for something, and it does! Writers are incredibly interesting company. They know a lot about a wide range of topics and more often than other have an amazing sense of humor. You will never get bored just sitting and chatting to them!

2. Writing help.

They will gladly help you with any essay writing, paper writing, short stories — basically writing of any kind! They can teach you, so you don’t have to put as much effort as usual or pay a writing service to do it!

3. They are big romantics.

Writers grew up reading of amazing heroes and beautiful ladies involved in timeless love and grand gestures. And it is kind of their adopted approach when it comes to relationships.

They will constantly surprise you with silly adventures and small gifts (often handmade, rare are the ones who make serious money). They will try to make each and every day special and magical!

Like all of us, writers have their quirks and bugs that can be annoying, which would make them not suitable to be your partner. But as with everything, it is in the eye of the beholder.

Annoying habits for some can be wonderful traits for others! Let’s just say that when it comes to writers there are just more quirks than are usually found in the dating scene. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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