The 8 Stages Of Fangirling

New Girl
New Girl

1. You “accidentally” or “through the force of tumblr” or “whatever reason” start to watch something.

This is when you begin to enter a new world you never thought would suck you in so bad. So so so bad.


You find yourself falling in love with the main character (usually) or the villain (ehem Loki.) or some other character. You start to notice everything about them. You begin to love them so much the tv series or whatever.

3. The series/movie ends and YOU WANT MORE.

This is the stage where your desire for this character translates into the actor/actress and you know damn well that this movie/series isn’t enough. You have a deep hunger within you that can only be satisfied by them.

4. The internet, mostly tumblr, becomes your best friend.

YOU RESEARCH EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. Every movie, series, book, videos , of them. When I say EVERYTHING, I LITERALLY MEAN EVERYTHING. If it’s possible to know what they are doing every moment you will try to find out.

(This is also not limited to knowing more about them but also the shows they did behind the scenes stuff or locations where they shot. Stuff like that.)

5. Welcome to a fandom.

Do I even need to describe this?

6. Keep on fangirling.

You keep loving this person until you still do. Imagining things like marrying them, being in a relationship with them, having kids, you know super-unreal-but-how-you-wish-it-were-real stuff. Basically, you have built a life around them.

7.  The unconscious ending.

But just like everything else in this world, there is an end. Although for this love/relationship, you are quite unaware. It just happens. You find yourself slowly uninterested in what they are up to until you find yourself not that in love with them as you did before. One day you wake up and say to yourself, “It has ended”.

However, the thing with fangirling is, these people you have learned to adore and love so much will always have a special place in your heart. It is as if there will always be a string connecting you to them. You have after all, STALKED AND INVESTIGATED every little detail about them. And though you don’t love them as much anymore they’re still pretty special.

8. You “meet” someone new.

And you repeat stages 1 to 7. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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