What Making Space In Your Life Really Means, Because It’s Not Just Cleaning Out Your Closet

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Jon Ly

I’m a firm believer in decluttering. Need a little change or a positive shift of energy in your life? Get organized, switch some things around and expect changes. I promise you, things will happen. Unfortunately, I hadn’t quite figured out how to create that emotional space for myself in my life until I desperately needed it. Now, I feel like I’m on the right track. But it wasn’t an easy choice for me to make.

There’s something to be said about creating space for the arrival of what you want to come flowing into your life. For me, that’s a life of fulfillment in work and in love. If things in my life aren’t serving that purpose for me, then it’s time to say goodbye.

Sometimes our lives become cluttered by the drama of our daily routine, the monotony of our everyday. We all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results. The easiest way to think about creating mental space is to think about it in this way. If you’ve been living your life the same way and the shifts you’ve been hoping to make have just not been occuring, it’s probably time to make some real changes. <b.You have to pull the trigger.

The things taking up mental space in your brain might be taking up the space you need for something bigger, something better and something that is exactly what you need or what you’ve been dreaming of. If the things in your mind that are taking up this space were supposed to be there, they wouldn’t quite feel like this. They wouldn’t hurt so much.

For me, 2017 has been a year all about making space. I let a lot of things consume me for too many months. From friends who treated me badly to a love I straight up was never going to get, I held on and held on tight. I continued to look for good in people that I cared so much about. No matter how much you know it’s there, sometimes that’s just not enough.

Sometimes making this space is about choosing happiness over suffering. Sometimes making space requires you to burn some bridges and to close some doors. Sometimes that’s the most painful thing in the world to do. Sometimes that takes losing friends or breaking hearts. And probably pissing some people off. You need to remember that the person whose heart means the most in all of this is yours. That’s why you have to do what needs to be done.

It certainly stinks that it has to be this way, but sometimes it’s the only way. It’s one thing to say that you’re making the space, but let’s be real. Are you really?

Most of the time the people we need the most space from are the hardest to stop thinking about. The most impossible to stop talking to. The only people you want to see.

Sometimes you need to rip the band aid. It’s hard to be strong enough to walk away, but it’s necessary. Hide the posts, delete the texts, block the numbers. Maybe not forever. But for now. Until the space is made. Until the positivity starts flowing. Until you feel healthy and happy. For you.

If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll make an effort to be in it, whatever that takes. Whatever is best for both parties. Don’t bother reserving a space in your heart or your mind for anyone who doesn’t make an effort to stay.

But enough about that.

Like I said, once you make these hard choices, you have the magical gift of space. And it’s more than just the people you love that you might need some space from. Sometimes it’s experiences that cause you stress. The job you’ve been stressing about or the horrible situation you need to get out of. Cut those things out, both physically and mentally, and you’ll start to see that cutting those ties gives you the space to soar just a little bit more than you could’ve originally.

And no, I’m not saying take scissors to every part of your life. No one wants that. But I’m saying you should definitely re-evaluate the clutter. Less is more.

Sometimes the less you have, the more full you’ll eventually feel.

With even just a little bit of space that I needed, I feel lighter. Space lets you see exactly what you needed. Shifts will be made and they’ll happen quickly. Soon, you might even question why that stuff took up so much space to begin with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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