This Is What It Really Means To ‘Be Enough’

Jordan Heath / Unsplash

Being enough begins with curiosity, a desire to explore what exists beneath the surface of our souls.

For some, this may feel exciting, but for most, it’s painful and lonely and completely uncomfortable.

From here we are open to investigate because it is ultimately nothing more than an understanding.

It’s an awareness that we are made up of so many things.

Shadow and light. Fear and bravery. Joy and struggle.

And for every single one of us, that combination looks different.

Being enough means finding space to honor the mixed bag that is who we are.

Even, if not especially, the parts we wish didn’t exist.

Because those are always our greatest teachers.

And it’s about learning.

Learning to be comfortable with the person we see when the mask comes off.

The one we are often times too scared to show the world.

But perhaps even more than all of that, being enough is a willingness.

A desire to see those masks for what they really are: cages.

Specifically designed to box us in.

We do this to ourselves, at the request and demand of the world around us. We fortify the walls, covering up the things that leave us feeling vulnerable and unworthy. Opting instead for a life that is small and afraid.

Hazrat Inayat Khan said it best, “the soul is covered by a thousand veils.” Sadly though, we are co-conspirators in the act of covering ourselves up. And as a result, over and over we hide behind what we think we should be.

And so the only way to truly be enough is to move into the driver’s seat. To finally pilot from a place deep within our souls with the reminder that every single part of who we are is a necessary piece to a much greater puzzle. We cannot throw out or reshape a piece if we want things to eventually fit together.

So maybe on some days, being enough is nothing more whispering in your own ear.

Telling yourself that no matter what you are facing or feeling or fearing, that you are greater than that thing.

Simply because you are you.

If you are struggling with this concept, in a way that I am sure so many are (myself included),

Then here is your reminder.

Your reminder that being enough really just means being a warrior for your own life.

Not because of the easy days, but because of the moments you’ve struggled through.

The tears

The doubt

The fear

It’s how you continuously show up for those difficulties that proves you are so much more powerful than the difficulties themselves.

It’s a lifetime of work dedicated to peeling back the layers, to removing those veils and breaking down those bars.

Until eventually, it becomes a knowing.

A deep understanding that those things you thought you needed to be whole, never really kept you safe- only small.

And you were never meant for that. TC mark


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