13 Little Things Only Your Roommate Will Ever Understand

Jorge Flores

There’s a certain bond that exists between a girl and her roommate. She’s seen you at your best, and she’s most definitely seen you at your worst. The good, the bad and the ugly: here are just a few of the things you come to understand about each other, like no one else could.

1. Every weird thing you do before bed.

From creating concoctions of coconut oil and lavender to put in your hair to prepping your weekly vitamins in color coordinated pill boxes, she’s literally seen it all.

2. How often you shower.

Eh, can’t put that one past her. She knows when you went to the gym…and she knows what you did (or didn’t) do after.

3. How often you actually go to the gym.

No, putting on leggings and a sports bra does not count as “going.”

4. If you woke up super late.

When your bed looks like a tornado ran through it and your floor is completely covered in clothing, rest assured she knows your morning was less than ideal. Plus, she heard you hit snooze four times. So, there’s that.

5. What type of day you’ve had, solely based on how you walk through the door.

The aggravated slam, the energy-less “hi”, get the wine ready- we know what’s coming.

6. The crying/ hate everyone mentality that usually precedes a certain time of the month.

(At least we’re in that together.)

7. How many episodes of SVU/The Affair/Fixer Upper you actually watch on a Sunday.

…and chances are, she’s right there with you.

8. Exactly how you organize your closet (and where everything is for that matter).

Plus what fits, what’s new and what she hasn’t had the chance to borrow yet.

9. The plight that is doing your laundry…

especially when said machine is not actually in your apartment.

10. How often you re-wear certain items of clothing.

…namely your favorite sweatpants and robe combo.

11. That weird feeling of sadness you get when you haven’t seen each other in 24 hours.

I mean you do typically see each other day in, day out.

12. The need to explain yourself if you catch up on one of your shows without them.

…because your tv relationship is a real thing, after all.

13. How much it means to have a live-in best friend / therapist / partner in crime only a few footsteps away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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