8 More Reasons To Love Dating A Dog Owner

lauren rushing
lauren rushing

When it comes to dating, navigating the ins and outs of getting to know someone can be pretty challenging stuff. From likes and dislikes to chemistry and attraction—there is so much that goes into even the notion of a relationship. But ask anyone who has ever been in love, and they will likely tell you that finding someone awesome makes the entire process worthwhile.

We’ve all got types, interests, and pet peeves. But if there is one thing this generation of twenty-somethings simply can’t seem to resist, it’s a furry friend (or two). From Instagram accounts and hashtags to Pinterest pictures galore, we’ve certainly become a pet-friendly generation. So it is no wonder that the idea of dating a puppy-parent can seem pretty appealing. And why shouldn’t it? Being a pet owner means you fully recognize the role responsibility plays in daily life. True, you may not have the luxury of absolute spontaneity, but you do have the whole “I’m a mature adult” thing going for you- and I’d say that’s a plus.

A pet’s reliance on his/her owner requires a certain level of structure, one that needs to be maintained long-term. For a lot of people, especially young adults, that type of obligation may seem too overwhelming—but for someone with a pet, it’s simply part of the job. When it comes to relationships, commitment is a fundamental building block to making things work. So while dating a pet owner doesn’t mean they’ll blindly follow you through life, it does prove that when something matters to them, they will be willing to put in the work.

Now don’t get me wrong, like everything else, pets are not for everyone. Some people have allergies, some aren’t into barking and I don’t know, maybe there’s someone out there that just really doesn’t enjoy a good cuddle—to each his own. And by no means does having a dog solely determine whether or not you’ll make a good boyfriend/ girlfriend. In fact, I am fairly confident that there are plenty of a-holes walking their dogs around this earth as we speak.

However, when you find the combination of great pup and great person—well that can be pretty sweet. So aside from selflessness and maturity, here are a few more fun reasons to definitely love dating a dog owner:

1. You now have a legitimate reason to visit the dog park (and to see even more dogs).

2. Not ready for a baby? Perfect! Dating a pet owner means you have an equally adorable soul to dress up like silly on every major holiday—all without nine months of pregnancy.

3. Experiencing your first (or 100th) “the honeymoon is over” argument no longer means you’re destined to a night of self-spooning. Puppies rarely pick sides and often remain indiscriminate cuddlers. Unless of course, you REALLY messed up. In which case, there’s always a body pillow.

4. Speaking of cuddling—they clearly don’t mind cozying up to some fur. So if you’re on the hairier side, you’ve totally got that going for you.

5. Depending on the dog, animals can be extremely active. This in turn can lead to a pretty active human. A person who hikes, runs or even walks regularly—I can’t imagine how that’s a bad thing.

6. Much like a child, raising a pet is a massive job—and miracles certainly don’t happen overnight. If a guy/girl has experience potty training a young puppy, chances are he/she has learned a thing or two about accidents. Chewed up shoes, stained carpets, ripped couches and fully devoured Entenmann’s cakes—they’ve seen it all. So next time you have some clumsy moment that results in broken delicates, fear not. They’ve (hopefully) already mastered the arts of both patience and forgiveness.

7. Puppies love human food—even when said food has been burnt to a crisp by a boyfriend or girlfriend trying their darnedest to impress you. When in doubt, pups are always available for an under the table taste or two. (Hey, it’s better than spitting it into your napkin, right?)

8. Whether it’s Instagram, holiday cards or, dare I say, an engagement photo—dogs open up a world of possibilities when it comes to taking pictures. Not to mention, that adorable face will totally score you extra points in the cuteness department.

So all in all, what’s not to love? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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