5 Reasons You Should Have Sex With A Coworker In 2017 (And 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t)


As someone who has had sexual relations with co-workers (2016 was a long year) I thought I would share a list of pros and cons to herald in the New Year. For those of you that have a special someone in the office—enjoy!

Pro: Convenience

We all know this is the number one reason to sleep with a co-worker. You know who they are and you see them every day. Maybe your desk faces them and you try to check them out on the sly every once and awhile. Maybe you awkwardly catch each others glance instead of the power point lecture that was supposed to be catching your eye. Maybe one day after work you find that you take the same subway line home, or you both hate traffic. It’s the little things that make getting some easier. And don’t you want 2017 to be just a little easier than 2016? I know I do.

Con: Social Norms/Work Conduct

So I’m guessing your job has a contract or some form of HR or maybe you live in a place where sleeping with your co-worker is not an okay thing to do. Chances are you could get fired if your boss knew you were fucking your manager. I don’t know what your work place is like, but my friend always says “Don’t shit where you eat”. Case and point maybe you shouldn’t sleep with your co-worker, manager, whatever if you want the same job in 2017….. Just a thought.

Pro: They Could Be “The One”

For all the lovey dove people that still believe in soulmates maybe you’re co-worker is you’re true love. Who am I to say they’re not. But for the cynics and realists look at this way- you might have more in common with this co-worker than just work. They could be a great person. What if you end up dating this person in 2017? Go out on a limb and see if they’re more than just the hot guy/girl in the office. Take some risks in 2017 and reap the rewards.

Con: Needing a Chill Pill Everyday

So let’s say this co-work works a little too closely with you. They’re the type of co-worker that is on the same team as you and even works with your friends at work. Basically this person is all up in your business. I can tell you in advance adding sex to this relationship means that if this all too close co-worker starts commenting on your work or changing their actions you’re going to have to take a chill pill… Pretty much everyday until you stop working together. Its hard to compartmentalise. And if they piss you off or do something unprofessional at work you’re going to have to deal with it. Are you ready to take that type of chill pill next year?

Pro: Sex Is Great

Do I really need to explain this? Sex is great. Period. The end. I feel no need to waste more of 2016 explaining the wonders of sex.

Con: Multitasking Is Hard

Let’s say you’ve already slept with one co-worker, but is that ever enough? Maybe there is another co-worker you want to sleep with. Your boss hasn’t caught you yet. Your confidence is at an all time high in the New Year, but multitasking sexual relationships with multiple people can be hard. This is a definite con when sleeping a co-worker— you’ll probably want to sleep with more of them. Unless you become monogamous with someone you’re going to run into this dilemma.

Pro: If They Don’t Care Why Should You?

At this point you’re both consenting adults. If your co-worker doesn’t care that you work together then why should you care? Just enjoy each other’s company and try to keep it outside of the work place. If you really care then you already know who you won’t be fucking in 2017. Good luck with Tinder and all that other B.S.

Con: They probably care

Even if you consider this co-worker to be a friend or a lover and you have a certain level of trust in them, they might lie and say they don’t care. Then later on they might refuse to date you because deep down it bugs them that you work in the same place. Worse they could try to completely shut you out after sleeping together only drunken night. As much as we like to act like adults, people can still be petty. Be wise in 2017, even if they say they don’t care that you’re co-workers they probably care.

Pro and Con: You’re an Adult

Seriously you are an adult with your own mind and agency. If you want to sleep with someone and they want to sleep with you by all means have at it! I can’t make the decision for you, but that’s the beautiful thing. You can choose. We have wonderful new opportunities all the time and its your choice to take the opportunity or wait for the next one. But even as an adult it can be nice to have someone tell us what to do. Take our power and just give us the simple answer- should I sleep with my co-worker? Yes or No?

Well, I already told you what I did…. Now go out there and get some action, or don’t. You’re an adult and in 2017 you decide. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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