5 Mundane Things Guaranteed To Amaze You When You Move From A Small Town To A Big City

House Of Cards
House Of Cards

1. Public Transportation

When you first arrive in the city you are bound to comment to at least one person, “Wow, this train/metro is amazing. You just hop on and you can go anywhere.” This euphoria will wear off quickly once someone sneezes and/or coughs on you. But, when you’re drunk/tired being able to doze on that dream will have you wondering why anyone stays in the suburbs.

2. Late Night Shopping

When you come from a town where everything is closed by 10 p.m., the idea of late night shopping is mind-blowing. Did you realize that you needed milk, toilet paper and air fresheners at 1 a.m.? In the city, that’s no problem. Go out and join your fellow late night shoppers, solidarity.

3. Brunch, all the brunch

You will quickly realize that brunch is an event which city dwellers value like a religious experience. Under the guise of brunch all normal breakfast foods are renewed, pancakes, bacon, frittatas … and alcohol of course. Extra points if you consume brunch while still drunk from the night before.

4. Free Festivals

There are so many festivals, all the time. Whether it is an annual celebration, like 4th of July, or one of the hundreds of art festivals that occur throughout the year, it seems that there is a festival going on every weekend year-round. Just be sure to bring your recyclable bag because you and I both know you won’t be able to leave without Instagramming a picture of the art you purchased or the organic beets you’ll be cooking.

5. The Overwhelming Feeling That You Actually Live in the City

If you’re like me you’ve always knew that you wouldn’t be staying in your hometown. You dreamed about graduating and immediately running towards the city. But between working and adjusting it might not have sunken in that you’re actually here. Even if it isn’t where you land forever you can at least take a moment to enjoy the descent in your newly adopted city. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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