I Just Want Us To Fucking Last

Elizabeth Tsung
Elizabeth Tsung

I want it to be you. For as long as possible. For until we ran out of our luck. For until the universe decides to say otherwise. For maybe the longest we know. For how long forever means to us. I want it to be you.

But goddamn; I really want it to be you.

Please let us fucking last.

Let us spend the mornings and all the nights we have yet to share.
Let us be straight normal yet insane in some crazy ways no one can understand.
Let us come to the parties we have yet to celebrate. Let us feel the lonely nights.
Let us dream about spaces, and slap us hard with responsibilities and life.
Let us know the good music and the beautiful movie we’ll remember each other with.
Let us struggle with how sometimes we’re so difficult to love.
Let us become strange.
Let us feel the rain on the way home. Let our jackets always know what we smell like.
Let us see New York, let us see country roads.
Let us express the unspoken.
Let us find treasure, one that’s impossible, in each other’s eyes.
Let us be tired of our work, let us be so fed up of the day, let us be happy at the end of it.
Let us make our lives worth a while.
Let us find magic in everyday and happiness in the tiniest of things.
Let us learn how to wear our hearts on our sleeve.
Let us have our own universe.
Let us make the thousand visit on our favourite restaurant down the street, to finally mark it as our little gem.
Let us make a home out of each other’s hearts.

Let us see the unseen.
Let us be young and restless.
Let us have a dream so big and beautiful.

Let us stay.
Let us last.
Let us be the things we wanted to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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