Maybe Possibilities Were Meant To Be Endless

Taylor Ann Wright / Unsplash

I wonder what it’s like to wake up every day knowing you’re doing what you love. I wonder what it’s like waking up in the morning next to the man who loves you more than you know how to love yourself. What it would feel like to leave behind your responsibilities and reasoning and live a life full of adventure and chaos without ever thinking about the consequences.

I’ve seen it done.

I’ve seen the woman who lives without regret, the one who owns up to her potential. The one who isn’t sitting at her 9-5 wondering if this is all that her life was cut out to be, if this was the only thing it would ever amount to. I’ve watched in awe and inspiration as incredible, powerful, confident people own up to their truth. Create movements with their courage and life out of their dreams.

I wonder what would happen if I didn’t sit around and wait for the “right time” or if possibly the right time doesn’t exist.

It’s possible.

Isn’t it possible that one day I leave it all behind? Everything I’ve ever been comfortable with, everything I’ve ever known. That one day, I step outside of my Type-A personality to fulfill a greater purpose, one that only comes after I’d built the fortitude to jump without the certainty of a soft landing. It’s possible that one day, I let go of my obsession with knowing – knowing every single outcome and possibility after “what if”. Let go of knowing the backup plan to my backup plan, or the exact steps I’d like to take in the next 5 years. Let go of knowing if “he’s the one” based on a five minute thorough analysis of who he is, what he values, and whether or not we’d still be compatible in the next ten years.

It’s always hopeful to think of the possibilities – the “one days” the “what if’s” the “when this or that finally happens” – it’s hopeful to think of all the places we could be, or people we could become. It’s hopeful to think of all the doors that could have been left opened or what would have happened if the doors had opened at all.

But maybe possibilities are simply dreams we were never meant to witness in our lives anyways.

Maybe the doors hadn’t opened so that our true path would remain clear.

Maybe the ones that shut behind us were the slightly painful nudge we needed to move forward towards our destiny. It’s possible that the perfect outcome does exist, but it’s also possible that neither the perfect road nor perfect time will get you there the way you thought it should.

Maybe possibilities were meant to be endless so that dreams of better days would always continue. Maybe we wonder about adventure and love and changing the world to force us to get so tired of wondering, that we quit waiting for the perfect time all together and just go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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