You’re Allowed To Grow Without Them

couple in field
Montse Monmo

You’re allowed to grow without them.

You’re allowed to move forward even when they’re not behind you. You’re allowed to change your taste, decide to like different movies and prefer not to wear the same kind of clothes if that’s no longer what serves you. You’re allowed to rethink your politics, analyze your religion and under analyze your text messages and your body – even if it’s still trendy – even if they continue to do it their whole lives.

You’re allowed to leave behind the world of chaos, the giggles of happy hour and the nights that turned into mornings if you feel they no longer fuel your soul. You’re allowed to change your preferences from staying up late to waking up early. You’re allowed to decide to miss brunch to do laundry even though they tell you how much you’ll regret missing out.

You’re allowed to stop laughing at jokes you no longer find funny, even if they all still do – even if at one time you used to. You’re allowed to feel responsible for more than just yourself, even if they tell you this is the time to be selfish. You’re allowed to stop telling them details of your life, even if it means having to take your own advice for once.

You’re allowed to say no, even when the people you love most are begging for you to say yes. You’re allowed to show up for your own life, even if it means being absent in someone else’s.

You’re allowed to read new literature, learn new languages and travel to foreign destinations even if everyone else decides to stay home. You’re allowed to grow without them, even if it means you’ll no longer find humor in the same moments… Even if it means separating from your best soulmates for a little while. Even if it means carving a new path when you all had plans to follow the same one.

You’re allowed to grow without them because they too will grow. When
one day the endless nights become stories, the wrong men become memories and the love becomes good for you, you’ll find that your new soulmates appear,
sometimes even reappear from the ones you thought you’d lost. Until then, you’re allowed to grow without them.

You MUST grow without them, because you’ll never be truly ready. It will never be easy to walk alone. There will never be a right time to walk against the crowd. But if you don’t, the roots you’ve worked so hard to nurture will never flourish… and the flower you were meant to blossom into may never bloom with the same authenticity you’ll discover from doing it all on your own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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