To The Relationship I’m Manifesting, I’ll See You Soon

Riccardo Bresciani

I’ll know when we meet, and you will know too. It will be as though our souls have met a thousand times. The connection will be too strong to ignore. I’ll know you’re the one because I’ll feel for you the same way I feel when I listen to an indie rock song. An overflow of hope. A cluster of peace. A home I’ve never known.  There will be no such thing as not sure. With us, it’s definite. 

We will love each other equally. None of this one-sided love bullshit.  We will be loyal to one another, because we’re both sick of the games and we’re looking for something more than disillusioned highs.

We will be mentally and physically attracted to one another.

We will seek guidance and solace from one another. We will encourage, support and motivate each other towards our ambitions in life. We will compromise on how to juggle our relationship and achieving our career goals.  We will stick to our words, and not promise things we can’t give.

We’ll find everything funny. We’ll have the same twisted and goofy sense of humor. We’ll randomly quote our favorite movie lines during conversations. We’ll break out in a dance to Motown music when no one’s watching. We’ll be that weird couple that just fits together.

We see each other’s souls. We understand and accept one another for exactly who we are. We communicate often. We will have great respect for one another. We spend hours talking about movies, music, history, religion, pop culture, the human mind, books, psychology, aliens, our dreams, what we felt when we were kids, the people we’ve lost and the places we want to go.  The foundation of our relationship is spirituality. Each of us, pushing and challenging one another to reach our highest self.

Together, we amplify who we are as individuals. Being together feels like freedom. We don’t hold each other captive. We allow each other to be who we need to be. To breathe, to dream.

I’m not going to stop my life to search for you. No. I’m going to live for me. I’m going to build myself up. I’ll travel to places I’ve always wanted to go. I’ll be selfish with my time. I’ll learn to love myself. And when the universe is ready to align our souls together, I’ll be here, ready for the plunge.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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