This Is The Bad Boy Trying To Disguise Himself As Chivalrous

As a girl that knows how to think like a guy, I can usually pinpoint exactly what a guy wants from a “relationship.” I’m pretty good at being able to tell whether the guy actually likes the girl or if he just wants to have another casual hookup. However, some guys don’t have all the telltale signs of either of those options, and that’s where the water gets murky. Even for a girl that usually knows when a guy just wants to love ’em and leave ’em. This is to those guys that make things even more complicated than the girls that over analyze every text they’ll ever receive from a boy that means nothing in the end. 

I like to call this guy the chivalrous asshole. This guy knows exactly how to work you without you even knowing that you’re being worked. He knows what he wants, and he knows exactly how to get it. He comes off as the nice guy that’s actually not a douchebag who’s just trying to get in your pants for once. Here’s how the situation goes:

You talk for a little while. This leads up to the night(s) you hook up. Then, he says he’ll text you the next day/later that day. Here’s the kick: he actually texts you. He cares to hold a real conversation other than “you up?” because he actually wants to get to know you. At least that’s what you think. Then, one day, it just stops. The constant conversation that you’ve had for the past week or so ceases, and you’re left to wonder what happened. You tell yourself that he would text you if he wanted to talk while also trying to convince yourself to stop looking at your phone every two minutes to confirm that he actually does want to talk. This, in my opinion, is the worst kind of guy. 

He thinks he’s doing both of you a favor by being nice and considerate and not looking like the asshole that just wanted to hit it and quit it. But to be completely honest, I had rather a guy not even text me to tell me he had a good time than to continue talking to me for days, or even weeks after, only to lead me on and then, one day, abruptly stop talking all together. At the time, it appears that the guy really cares and is genuinely interested in hanging out rather than “hanging out”. But after it stops, you realize he was just trying to cover his bases so that he didn’t seem like the total asshole he ended up being anyways. And guess what! Girls do it, too. 

However, my motto at the end of these types of situations will always remain: “There are more fish in the sea.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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