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Erasing The Identity Of Beauty

He removed my clothes and now I lay bare. I’m stretched across the Earth, but still somehow this life is unfair. Limbs twisted and turned.

You’ve ignored my words because sex sells. You’ve ignored my thoughts because you are so caught up in the skin that is wrapped around masses of galaxy, nebula, and bones.

Yes, my vessel is pure, graceful and divine, but when dogs snare they have other thoughts in mind. They want to pick me apart, they want to drown out my insides, they crave her flesh in ways that make her feel like nothing. They crave in ways that have nothing to do with her soul, heart, or mind.

Their cravings make women like her and I feel like we have nothing else to offer. So we lose sight of our divinity to be the thing that everyone else is after.

It started with something that felt so beautiful. Now it feels tainted, unloved, and without value. Do you now see the power of your actions and your words? Do you truly know divinity or just the ship that it sails in?

You exploit her body and now so does she. We are all superficial these days, aren’t we?

Well, not all of us; some of us are peaceful. Some of us are soft; some of us even embody love. Some of us are full, while others are not.

These silhouettes are just shadows of our greatness. Strength runs like the Milky Way, living deep within the marrow of our bones.

Let go of all the artificial things you’ve previously seen as beautiful. No, erase the identity of beauty altogether and embrace what is natural.

For we were not created for you, but amongst you.

Comprehend this and soon you’ll see the soul instead of just the body it lives in.

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