This Is How She Will Put Back The Broken Pieces

healing a broken heart
Alex Iby

She will cry her eyes out because she’s hurting.

She might even lose who she is for a moment, blaming herself for everything.

It’s going to hurt badly because you matter to her. Because this matters to her.

She will become the version of herself that she doesn’t even know exists.

She will feel worthless, weak and undeserving.

She might even despise herself, hating everything about her.

The pain will sting, but she will rip the band-aid off and let her wounds breathe.

Then one morning, she will wake up and realize she’s doing things wrong.

She will realize that she needed to get back the person she was before this, before you.

She’s going to heal the wounds that you gave, even if she has to do it by herself.

She will keep her voice steady when someone asks if she’s okay.

She will tell them she’s getting there and one day, she will mean it.

Then she will put the phone down, and will stop hoping for a message from you.

She will stop hoping for you.

She will not ask you to stay because she’s better than that.

She will cut all the strings and she will burn the bridge.

She will not take a step back, because she will only move forward.

Then slowly, she will take her time picking up the scattered pieces around.

She will glue them all together even if it means having permanent scars.

She will not stay attached to someone who doesn’t care about her.

She will stop waiting for you.

She will stop giving you the chances you don’t deserve.

She will walk away, and this time, there’s no turning back.

She will accept the reality that you didn’t feel the same.

She will forget all the pretence and all the broken promises.

She will forget your smile, your laugh, and light in your eyes.

She will forget all the things you told her when she needs to hear them the most.

She will not lose sleep again just because she was thinking about you and what you could’ve been.

She will not spend another sleepless night trying to figure out what she did wrong.

She will forget how much she wanted to be with you.

She will take her time, but one day she will forget all about you.

She will travel to beautiful places without you.

She will realize that she can also feel in love with her life.

Because she will not let what you did ruin her idea of love.

She will not stop believing in love just because she met the wrong one.

She will stop criticizing herself for the things she couldn’t change.

She will tell herself that she’s more than enough and this time she will believe it.

Then she will let you go, and she will not regret it. Not even for a second.

She will get over you and move on with living her life the way she should.

Then she will be thankful to you because you were the reason she became a better version of herself.

She will be thankful because you taught her a lesson.

You taught her that her time is too precious to waste it waiting for someone like you.

You taught her to how strong she can be to handle the pain you gave.

You made her realize how hard it is to have a broken heart.

That’s why she will not let you in again now that she has put back all the broken pieces.

She will not miss you anymore. She might not even think about you at all.

Because she deserves better.

She deserves better than the boy who can’t even admit to what he feels.

She deserves someone who knows how to love the right way.

She is worthy of someone who will not give up on her.

But she will not need to look for him because he will find her on his own.

One day, she will meet the person who will not break his promises.

He will not make her wait. He will not let her think for a moment that she doesn’t matter.

He will love her the way she deserves.

He will not be like you.

And she will fall in love again. She will fall in love with him.

She will not even care about the hurt she felt before.

She will not even remember the feelings she felt for you.

One of these days, when you see her, she will smile at you. And it would be real.

Because she will finally be perfectly happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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