The Girl They Want You To Be

God & Man

We live in a narrow world,
Full of constantly judging eyes,
A world of a million questions,
That don’t often get replies.
Society will make you believe,
That to them you belong,
But if you check with reality,
You will be proven all wrong.
When you ask what they want,
Be careful of what they tell,
‘Cause they’ll tell you to be yourself,
But wish you were someone else.
They will make you believe,
You just have to be beautiful within,
But they’ll scrutinize your look,
And judge what’s on your skin.
They want you to be unique,
And shine bright like a star,
But will make you so aware,
Of all your bruises and all your scars.
They want you to be friendly,
Someone who always got their backs,
But relentlessly remind you,
Of all the things you lack.
They say before you get some love,
You need to have a heart so pure,
But ask them if they do,
And they will never be sure.
They may want to see your soul,
Won’t even care how much you weep,
And the moment you let them in,
They’ll steal the secrets that you keep.
They tell you to do what you can,
Go out, stand tall, and proud,
But when you tried to do your best,
They complain that you’re too loud.
When they smile at you,
Believe that it’s a lie,
‘Cause they’ll be the first to pull you back,
When you spread our wings to fly.
But let me tell you this,
The girl they want you to be,
She doesn’t have to be you,
Because you’re supposed to be free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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