I Will Never Regret Loving You

I Will Never Regret Loving You
Pablo Heimplatz

Thank you for the nights where we told each other the most earth-shattering secrets, the ones we were too afraid to even say aloud. When you held my gaze that was it; you were mine and I was yours.

Remember that oh-so- hilarious verbal agreement we pretended to sign off on, in which discussed ownership of each other’s hearts, carefully going over the contract guidelines?

Thank you for those long, summer nights with your hand in mine, excitedly passing by places in the city where we promised we would take each other. The plans we made for a future that was filled with adventure, all the details written in the words we held onto.

Thank you for allowing me to feel comfortable enough to go days without make up, or shaving. You witnessed my walls come crashing down, and you not only accepted this, but embraced it. You taught me the meaning of feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you for helping me come into my own. I know I did the same for you. We shaped one another into the man and woman we are today, versions of ourselves that are not only able to face the world, but would soon change it as well.

Thank you for introducing me to your loved ones, and the debriefing sessions we had prior to entering that potential war zone. You told me that we were in this together, and that no one could change that. Thank you for holding my hand as you opened the door, as we took that leap together.

Thank you for that one night you finally broke down, crying, while I held onto the pieces, and silently promised that no one and nothing would ever make you feel this way again.

We built a pact. I had your back and you had mine. It was us against the world.

We were not only each other’s best friends, but were each other’s highways. You knew the twists and turns to my mind, and the shortcuts that no one else had discovered. You knew how to make me laugh, and made strives to keep me happy, even if that meant packing extra granola bars on you, in hopes of preventing my hangry mood swings.

We were in too deep. Like the cells in my body, you became part of me. Truly ingrained in all that I did, and all that I will continue to do.

You were my past, present, and future.

You were there when I needed you most, the ground that centered me, and the light that brought me home.

There is no starting over with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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