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I Seek A Love Like The One I Have Found In Myself

I seek a love that writes me as I’ve done for all of those who have entered my heart before. A love that traces the art engraved in my skin, both chosen and self-drawn; a love that asks me the stories behind every single line of ink that fills the canvas it obtains.

I seek a love that always is there after a long day, that never comes too soon or too late. A love that doesn’t have to be lost to feel appreciated. A love that gives a sense of security in such a crazy world.

I seek a love that is mutual, void of empty promises and false hopes. A love that waters both sides, plants seeds firmly in the ground among a sturdy foundation built by hand. A love that blossoms each spring, no matter the frost and bitterness each winter brings. A love that doesn’t require constant sunshine to remain intact; a love strong enough to withstand all storms that may crash upon it. A love that grows, transforms, and blossoms mutually and exclusively; a love that becomes deeper with each new leaf that grows upon the existing beauty it already withholds.

I seek a love that is synonymous with loyalty. A love that never strays, never wonders whose grass is greener than all others that can be seen. A love that doesn’t worry about the missed opportunities; a love that creates opportunity together. A love that inspires. A love that is comparable to a muse. A love as colorful as my favorite piece of art, a stunning parallel masterpiece created by the universe itself.

I seek a love as pure as my heart, a place of acceptance, wholeness, and strength. A love that does not fear, does not hurt, does not doubt.

I seek a love as resilient as my heartbreaks have helped me become. A love that does not have lessons to repeat; a love without bad karma or ill-intention. A love that keeps its word; one that plans the future and stays to live it.

I seek a love that imitates art. The movies I’ve watched so callously, the books I’ve read so cynically, the songs I’ve heard close-mindedly.

I seek a love like the one I have found in myself. A love that brings alignment, recognition, memories of all the lives our souls have lived together before. I search for the instant remembrance, the deja vu, the odd coincidences that we both know are no accident.

I seek this love, but I know I don’t have to. 

The universe is guiding our paths together each waking day.

I don’t know much about love, but I know one thing for certain:

I’ll see you soon.

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