Love More, Judge Less


It’s all around you – everywhere you seem to look, it’s seeping from the corners. It’s merely impossible to escape; it can become consuming to the point that you’re influenced by it as well.

We’re all taught to judge, no matter where we come from or what environments we are brought up around. Judgment is a survival tactic – both biologically and psychologically. It is needed to dispute people, instances, and other factors around us. It teaches us right from wrong and safe from dangerous.

With that being said, what happens when the judgment becomes more of a vice than a virtue?

Hate is created.

We’re all guilty of it – thinking horrible thoughts about another person or thing, perhaps even a stranger. We have all judged those whose situations we are ignorant about and made assumptions about those whom we do not understand.

While these thoughts do not make you a bad person, they do negatively affect your character – and the effect goes much deeper than your superficial impression on others.

Judgment takes energy – a lot of it. The law of attraction states that the energy we put out into the universe is what we get back. When we put bitter, ignorant, displeasing thoughts and words into the world, it takes a blow to our minds and our aura. Our energy becomes frigid. Those around us can sense this; instead of being a source of love and light, your energy feels more like a rainy day that others want to escape from. 

This negative energy does not only affect others but affects you as well. It can lead to negative self-image, subconscious feelings of guilt, and even anxiety or paranoia. The thoughts that you put out towards others will eventually project themselves back onto you – in turn, negativity towards others becomes a cycle of self-loathing. This creates a void that nothing can fill except for positivity and love.

An aura of light is correlative with acceptance. Give more compliments, both out loud and inside your mind. Understand those who are misunderstood and lend your ears to those who do not seem to listen. Think of yourself as welcoming the universe and all who belong to it with open arms.

Find the good in all of those that you meet. I do not believe that there is such a thing as a “bad person” in this world. I believe that there is good to be found within everyone, no matter who they protect themselves to be. Offer love to those who don’t seem to want it or reject it – I promise that one day, you may change someone’s life. Sometimes, even the most pessimistic person can be changed with a touch of light. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

In a world full of judgment, find the strength to become a beacon of acceptance.

Always remember that the light you allow to shine from you will always reflect and find its way back.

In a world full of hatred, become an exemplar of love.

Writer. Idealist. Humanitarian. Ally. Lover.

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