Maybe Society Has It All Wrong

Stephanie McCabe
Stephanie McCabe

so many expectations,
endless choices.
explain to me how you are supposed to decide
the entirety of your future
at an age of such vulnerability.

maybe society
has it all wrong.

we follow this timeline
step after step,
chase these guidelines
that we didn’t get to choose.
high school ends and we go to college,
because that’s how society
determines success.

but don’t you know
it’s okay not to know?
don’t you know
that you are not truly successful,
unless you are happy?

life is not a straight line.
life is an ever-winding path
on top of a towering bluff.
society’s timeline is a map,
a map of misguided expectations.

leave the map among the rubbish
and do what makes you
happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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