When Your Depression Is Drowning You


you’re drowning
in a sea of depression,
struggling to keep your head
above the waves.

the beauty within the hurricane
drifts away from you
as it becomes increasingly harder
to tread amongst the pain.

often you wonder
how does it feel to swim?

if only you could use the current
to move in the right direction,
but you’re lost
in the middle of a raging storm
and you’ve let the compass sink
into the ocean’s depths.

as the tide rises and falls
you gasp for air,
you gasp for oxygen
to trap within your lungs
knowing that soon
you will be holding your breath
fighting to keep the frigid water
from diminishing your oxygen.

as night falls
you bask in the darkness
only to let yourself fall
beneath the surface.

falling deeper below
you long for resurgence,
you long to be freed
from the sea’s extent. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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