This Is How You Know You’ve Found ‘The One’

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“I don’t even know what being in love truly feels. How will I know if I’ve found The One?”

Darling, when you find the one, you’ll throw up butterflies, you’ll vomit sins. You’ll be soaking in aloneness, yet be dancing to hope. Every bad decision you’ve made will suddenly feel so right because it led you to this moment, it led you to him.

Darling, when you find the one, you’ll start flossing your teeth with candy. You’ll eat flowers for lunch, and pop songs for breakfast. You’ll say stupid, corny shit like, “I am the sky and he is sunlight.”

Your friends will surely tease you for it. But for once in your life, you won’t really care what anyone thinks. You won’t really care how you’re perceived by the world because you’ll stop associating vulnerability with weakness. When you find the one, you won’t be afraid to open up, and your heart will sing as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Darling, when you find the one note-to-yourself:

You are magic with or without him. And yet he illuminates you in such a way, that people begin to notice your beauty. He illuminates you such that people stop and look, mesmerized by your lack of shame. He illuminates you such that, god, how you both take everyone’s breath away.

Darling, when you find the one, it’ll feel like crowd-surfing during a concert of your favorite band.

It’ll feel like pop-rocks exploding in your ribs, like fire ants crawling on your skin, leaving gentle kisses all over your body. It’ll feel like tasting garbage one morning, and it’ll feel like bathing in seafoam next night.

Because, darling, when the right one comes, honestly? You never really know.

But it goes something like this…

He lights you up. He takes you down.

You burn in all the right ways, and you let him. You let him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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