Wanna Distract Each Other From The Terrifying Emptiness Of Existence?

Longing for intimacy in this crazy thing called life
God & Man

I guess in the end I don’t really want or need a boyfriend/girlfriend.

All I want is someone I can be intimate with. Someone I can share things with. Someone who wants to share themselves with me.

Someone I can exchange favorite music with as the blue sky melts into a warm orange in the background.

Someone I can touch and taste and learn when the alone and the crowded become too tiring.

Someone I can eat up with my eyes as I smoke a cigarette on their balcony.

Someone I can drink a bottle of wine with and share silence. Someone I can get to know and someone who wants to know me.

Someone I can share tiny, fleeting, authentic human moments with in the middle of the whirlwind chaos of city life.

Someone I can share my body. Someone I can share time.

Someone I can fuck and look forward to.

Someone I can share me.

And ultimately someone to remind me that I am not isolated or alone in this world, that I am alive and that I don’t need love or a pre-defined serious relationship to feel complete.

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